7: All Lies

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7: All Lies

My palms started to sweat. What can I say? I’m not going to say Niall or Liam, we're just friends. Louis? Not one chance. He has a girlfriend anyways. That left Harry. Shit.

“So? Who would it be?” Hallie asks again and everyone in the audience waited impatiently for my response.

“Um… To be honest, I have no idea.” I manage to croak and Hallie laughs loudly.

“Oh, come on. Who wouldn’t want to date any of these lovely guys?! Really, who?” she cries and the audience agrees by cheering. She’s not helping. Can’t she see that I don’t want to answer the question?

“Yeah Sammy, who?” Zayn teases.

“God, this poor girl is under pressure! Get her a chair!” Hallie requests and some guy brings me a plastic chair. I guess I’m not special enough to get a more comfortable chair. I slouch a bit in my chair, just to send hints that I really, REALLY didn’t want to answer this question. “Now that you have a chair, answer the question! How hard can it be?” I really wanted to say the only guys out of the group I liked were Niall and Liam but, that would ruin me. Niall lightly hits my arm and motions me to go on.

“Fine. It’d be Harry.” I lie and the audience erupts in “ooh’s” and “Aw’s”.

“AW! That’s so cute! Harry, would you date her?” she asks and I noticed he was nervous. Why? He just had to lie about it, not that hard. He clears his throat and Louis, Zayn, Liam and Niall watch him with weird smirks on their faces. What was that about? I sigh, not realizing it was that loud and everyone turns to me. “Come on Harry, she’s getting impatient!” Hallie says and I shake my head.

“No I’m n-,”

“Yeah. Sure. I wouldn’t mind dating her.” He says and looks directly at me, his green eyes so mesmerizing, I had to look away.

“Aw! She’s blushing! Let me know when you two go on a date, okay?” Hallie cries and my head shoots up. Blushing? Date?! No way in hell was I going on a date with him! And I wasn’t even blushing! I was beginning to hate the fact that I decided to come. I roll my eyes and just sit through the whole interview, mumbling my answers whenever Hallie would ask me one. Harry wouldn’t stop glancing over at me and to be honest, it was creepy. Finally, the interview was over and the audience’s applause roared throughout the studio. Normal fans, shy fans and diehard fans gathered around for some pictures with them while I awkwardly stood to the side. I got a couple smiles from fans but, there were some dirty looks as well. Probably about my confession about Harry. No, not a confession, a lie. It was all lies. All the answers I gave were lies, just to make the boys look good. Who lies on national television?! Me, because I’m a bad ass. I’m interrupted with my thoughts as two fans “accidently” bumped into me and gave the innocent look.

“Oh, Sorry!” one girl says, biting her finger as she walks away with her friends. They burst out laughing and I dart after them.

“I know you did that on purpose!” I yell and they slowly turn around, the whole room going silent as the girls stare with their stupid innocent smiles.

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