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My eyes were getting blurry I didn't know what was going to happen but I don't know what to do! I love Jace with my whole heart now, it seems like there is a disease for the amount of love I have for him. I haven't realized that until now, I could trust this man, and if I lived through this I would tell him everything...

"Her family thinks she is dead anyway!" Derek yelled, I tuned out to most of their yells but this is what caught me. My mom? The one that has literally saved my life before. My Grandpa? The one that hunts with me and taught me to be the tough girl and make me a Tom Boy! These two mean the most to me and they think I am dead. I started to sob and just fall to the ground, everything is too much! I put my head in my hands, and just sob my heart out.


I wipe the tears out of my eyes and quiet my sobs, and Jace is now leaning down with me and pulls me into his lap on the ground and he is running small circles in my back to try to soothe me. The fire that was still burning bright behind us felt so good since now I was cold with my teeth chattering.

"Amelia I have decided that you will........" Sandy trailed off; I knew that these words were going to change my life forever.

Chapter Nine

"Amelia, I have decided that you will stay alive, and hope that one day you will mate with Jace, but you do need some sort of punishment. I am going to take away your hunting privileges for the rest of your life, there is to be no more killings on your behalf. Understood?" Sandy was bent down to my level by then and had a hand on my shoulder in comfort, while Jace had me in his lap, rubbing little circles on my back that sent chills throughout my body.

"Yes, Ma'am I understand." I said in a whisper. I am so going to miss my hunting but if it meant being alive and being able to be with Jace, then I would be okay.

"Jace, I think that you should take her back to your room and let her rest. She doesn't look to good." Sandy said in a mothering tone.

"Okay, thank you Sandy, for everything." Jace picked me up in his arms then and I could still feel all the looks I was receiving.

"Michelle!" Sandy called out.

Within two seconds she was right beside us, "Can you take them back to their room please? I don't think Mia is capable of walking the three miles right now..."

"Fine I guess so! I think I am going to go back to bed anyway, no one here is willing to entertain me." Michelle said with her normal witchy attitude.

"Okay sweetheart, ya know the drill!" Michelle said, so fast I could barely understand her, and it didn't help with my ear pressed against Jace's hammering heart.

I hurried up and closed my eyes and took in a ragged breath, and before I knew it we were in Jace's room. He set me down on the bed, and took my boots off for me and threw them across the room. He gave me a look that had that campfire color in his eyes again; it made my whole body ache for his touch even though he had just set me down. He turned to look at Michelle, and said "Thanks again Michelle, we really owe you."

"MMMHHMMM yes I know you do Stud Muffin." She said and I could almost bet she was fluttering her eyelashes at him, my blood was boiling again, knowing that if she doesn't stop soon then her pretty little head and perfect body will be in pieces. I turned my gaze to her and let my eyes harden and let my nostrils flare, knowing that it scared almost everyone back at home.

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