chap 2- "AHHHH i won!?"

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BAM! i hit my head on the wall as i got up trying to reach for my phone

Bring Bring Bring

"Ouch!" i said in pain while answering my cell

'Hello Miss. Jackie. We have great news for you!. you have been selected to go to teen hoots but"

i cut her of "OH MY GOSH! I won!" "i get to meet One DIrec- wait.. what do u mean but?"

"but you have not been one of the many to meet One Direction but you have one 1,000 Dollors!"

"oh okay thanks... Bye"

I sadly hung up the phone. i knew it was to good to be true. i knew i wasnt gonna get to meet them.  well atleast i won the money to get an apartment.


Jessica you diptard you know you cant get away with stealing that shirt!

Jessica is my bestfriend we have known each other since foster home. i love her to death. but she really needs to quit stealing crap. me and her have already got band from walmart because she needed some markers. Wow. Haha. so we are shopping at the Nashville mall so i can get a new outfit for tonights performance at teen hoots. I will get to meet Austin Mahone and Alex Constancio. They are so cute." JACK!!" Jessica screamed. What? "you have to where this tonight you will look so amazing in this dress!" you know i hate dresses! "come on just try it on? pleaseeeeeee" fine..

i came out in this actually really pretty hot pink and lime green zebra print dress. I knide like it, "soooo are you gonna where it?' most defintally !



Hey guys my name is Jackie and im from the UK! it is amazing here am i right?

the crowd screams with joy! "so im gonna be singing up all night from One Directions new album Up All Night! who else loves that song?"

"MEEEEEEE" everyone screams. I smiled as the music came on for me to sing. As i sung thoughts ran through my mind. Is One Direction listening to me sing? Am i a bad singer? Does anyone even like me except for my bestfriend? Am i ugly? All these questions running through my mind were making me nervous to still sing. But i still kept sing' my song was over and i went off stage to wait for teen hoots to be over and i actually had lots of people wanting my autographs. "OMG MOMMY I LOVE HER SHE CAN SING SO GOOD" i heard a little girl say that and it made my day. after tonight im making my longgggg trip back home to England.


Im now in the airplane with Jessie (Jessica) you were amazing out there jack!" D'awwww thanks Jessie!. i will be right back i need to go to the restroom before the plane starts.

i was making my way to the bathroom and then all of a sudden i tripped over someones feet out in the aisle and some blonde headed dude caught me. i kinda glanced at him so i didnt get a good look at him. "Hey buddy why dont you move your feet out of the way so people can get by wontcha!? i heard a irish voice and i looked up and youll never guess who was holding me in his arms.......


Thanks for rading if you can please leave me comments on some ideas to make the story better. i know its kinda boring right now but i promice it will get better thanks. <3

                                                                                                            ~love Sandra~<3

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