Chapter Four

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Chapter 4

Ben whipped his head up from his lap as his door opened, revealing Jacob. He was holding a knife, and Ben let his tears fall again, too exhausted to make them stop.

"Get up," the headmaster commanded.

Ben stood on shaking legs, and Jacob pressed the knife against Ben's cheek, sending a jolt of fear down the boy's spine. Jacob grinned before slicing through the tape over Ben's mouth carelessly, leaving a shallow incision across Ben's cheek. The boy ripped the tape off and pressed his hand to his cut cheek, his blood warm against his frozen fingers.

"I must say, Benny, I was very surprised that you managed to keep yourself together after I told you Cathy was coming," Jacob taunted.

Ben's bottom lip began to tremble again, but this time, he forced the tears back defiantly. He wouldn't give Jacob the satisfaction of seeing his slave crying again. He knew Jacob would be angry at him, but for once, he thought the anger would be worth it if it meant proving the boy's strength.

Jacob grumbled something Ben couldn't understand, and the boy lifted his chin a little higher, forcing his terror back.

"Don't get all high and mighty on me, boy," Jacob warned, pressing the tip of the knife against Ben's chest.

The slave moaned softly in pain as the dagger slid into his skin, leaving a shallow wound just above his heart. He still did not cry out, although his eyes misted over with tears of agony as Jacob pushed the knife in an inch deeper, making more blood stain Ben's shirt. His master suddenly twisted the blade, and Ben could no longer hide his pain. He screamed out and yanked away from his master, covering the wound with his hand.

Jacob smiled triumphantly as Ben bit down on his lip to stifle his cries; he knew he would only be punished further if he cried out again.

"You better clean yourself up before Cathy gets here. I'm sure she'll want to see you looking your best."

Ben whimpered in fear and curled into a tight ball on the floor, his legs too weak to hold him up any longer. Cathy, Jacob's twenty-one-year-old daughter, was possibly even more terrifying that Jacob and Janice. She was excellent at mentally torturing Ben by showering him with lies and promises to keep him hopeful, then ripping away that one moment of joy he felt within minutes of feeling it.

"Come here, Benny."

The boy reluctantly obeyed, and Jacob ripped the boy's shirt off, making him squeak in pain as his wound began to bleed more severely. His master then cleaned the blood off of Ben's chest with the shirt and covered it with a bandage to help stop the bleeding.

"Change your clothes and brush your hair. Then I'll take you upstairs to wait for her to arrive."

Ben almost refused, but that would only make it worse for him when Cathy got ahold of him. Instead, he nodded and began searching through his dresser for a clean shirt. He pulled out a blue and white checkered button-down shirt and put it on over his bare skin. Then he ran a brush through his overgrown brown hair, smoothing his bangs into place over his eyes to keep them hidden from Cathy.

"Let's go, boy." Jacob grabbed a fistful of Ben's hair and began dragging him up the stairs as Ben started to cry hysterically. Cathy was coming, and Ben would be forced to do whatever she wanted him to.

"No, please," he whispered, his voiced weakened by fear. "Please don't let her hurt me."

Jacob ignored him and threw him onto the floor. "Janice, bring me some rope and a blindfold. We need to present Ben to Cathy when she arrives. She'll want to see him as a submissive little slave."

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