who cares

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it could be much worse

and after all of this

your the one i miss

from the getting threw a feeling

to drinking threw my dreams

you give me so much

but everything means nothing when your not there

it means nothing unless your not with me

i cope with everything

from other voices who sing

to the drugs i find

of any kind

they all fill a hole i cant touch

and i can never have to much

i feel what no one fears

you just don't care

you fear

what i cant bear

the feeling is gone again

you'll never see me again

never again

you wont see me again

just ask

and you will never see me again

keep me in a cell

and my mind will try

try and repel

the feeling i have

the feeling i slave

i try so hard

to speak what i dream

and i know i seem

like I'm trying to hard

for the wait of such a wonderful dream

sometimes i wounder what i love more


or the depressants i need to get over you

I'm running to far

to long

for a dream that's probably wrong

on this road that probably never ends

you laugh at who i am

i say i don't give a damn

my poetry is a vent

and for you its ment

i care

you arnt being fair

we use to be the perfect pair

and to love you started out a dare

now without you i cant bare

my heart will tear

because i care

and this poetry

has helped me to see

i need you

more then you need me

i love the way the words sound

thinking you look good on the ground

i love the way you sound

after rest on my shoulder

as we lay on the ground

i miss those days

no one cares

they are just happy your who they found

so that they can hear you sexual sound

thinking you don't care about me

and after reading my poetry

i think you see

i care more

then you do of me

and that's not something i want to see

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