Caroine's POV

My mouth hung open. A cruise? Are you serious?

"We're going on a cruise?" I asked. He nodded and smiled at the ground.

I ran up to him and jumped in his arms. I held him tight, not thinking about letting go. "Babe, you don't have to do that." I said. He still was holding me and we kept talking.

"Yes I do, I can do whatever I want with you. Nobody can stop me. I want to take you somewhere special, somewhere where nobody has ever taken you before. I want you to remember this trip forever, every second of it. I want you to know how much I love and care about you. Caroline, I would do anything for you. No matter if you're drowning, I would come and save you. I would take a bullet for you, babe. I would be stabbed a thousand times for you, just so you would be safe." he said.

I didn't even think of anything to say, there was nothing to say. "Zayn, thank you so much. You don't need to show me you love me by buying me stuff. You can just show me by saying it.  Or showing it" I pulled back from our hug and leaned in to kiss him. He moved his lips right on top of mine, his hands running through my hair. I put my hands on his chest and held his shirt.

I pulled him closer not letting him go. I licked his bottom lip and he let me in. Our tongues played with each other until we were interrupted by a phone call.

It was Zayn's phone. He pulled away groaning "What." he answered the phone with. "Oh, sorry ma'am. Uh huh. Oh.. Yeah that's fine, I'll figure something out. Yeah, alright. Thanks, love. Bye" He looked at me and sighed.

"That was the cruise girl, she said that we can't get a reservation until next Wednesday,  which is fine by me."

I looked at him confused, today was Thursday. Zayn and they boy's are leaving on Monday..

"I thought you were leaving on Monday?" I asked him. He laughed."What's so funny?" I asked.

"You." he started "What would you say if I asked you to come back to London with me?"

Zayn's POV

I bit my lip after asking Caroline if she would come back to London with me. I really wanted her to come back with me, I had gotten my own apartment and I had room for her. I never want to lose her. She is my one and only. She is my everything.

I looked at her, her face was pale "Me? London? You? Cruise? Together?"she looked like she was in disbelief.

I laughed and spoke "Yeah, babe. You in?"

She nodded and I saw a tear fall. "Yes." she said. I grabbed her and held her close. I rubbed her back and pulled away. I grabbed her hand and sat her on the bed.

"So here's the deal, me and the boys have to go to the studio on Saturday, the rest of the days you and me can chill. We'll pack on Sunday and leave for the airport Monday at 5AM. We'll get to London and stop at my apartment. Then we'll sleep and get up on Tuesday and pack for the cruise. THe cruise will be from Wednesday until Sunday. We have to go to the boat at 7AM on Wednesday and then we can relax, just you and me babe"

I looked in her eyes, "Thank you. So much. I can't even say it enough."

Caroline's POV


It was about midnight and we had talked about the cruise and everything that was going on, until I started dozing off.  We spent almost the whole day in bed so I just had to lay back and close my eyes.

I laid down and Zayn joined me. We faced each other and I pecked him on the lips "Night, Zayn. Love you" I spoke before closing my eyes.

I felt Zayn's body press against mine and he kept me warm. "Good night, love." he said.

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