Chapter Nine

"Biscuit if you don't quit barking I will personally shut you up myself." I scolded to the dog who was attached to a light green leash my mum had bought for him yesterday.

Everytime we would walk past a tree, he would stop, stare at it for a second and then start barking at it. I tugged on his leas scolding him everytime but he sure didn't listen. Oh, and did I mention this dog doesn't know how to pee on the grass? He's peed on the sidewalk three times already.

Buzz. Buzz.

I grunted at the feel and sound of my phone vibrating inside of my shorts pocket. During the last few days, it actually felt like it was supposed to feel in September in the United Kingdom instead of that horrible windy and cold weather we had. I took out my phone and looked at the new message from Louis - wait, why was Louis texting me out of own free will? 

'I can see you'

What ...

A sudden bang make me jump and turn around to see Louis banging on a window which looked like it belonged to his front room. I let out a sigh of relief that the bang was him, and he just gave me a lopsided smile and yelled through the glass,

"I told you I could see you!" 

"You're an idiot Tomlinson." I muttered.

He put up his index finger to me, a gesture telling me 'One second'. And he was right, no more than a second later Louis was opening his front door and walked down the little step to his porch and looked at the Boxer that was barking madly at the tree. 

"Who's this little guy?" He asked, once Biscuit took notice of Louis instead of the tree and trotted over to him, happily barking at sniffing his bare feet.

"Um, my dog." I stated obviously. 

He narrowed his eyes at me and picked up the dog who was still attached to the leash, "What's his name?" He asked scratching the dogs upper back.

"Biscuit. My mum named him. I didn't really want a dog because I what happened when I was littler, but anyway yeah this is the little monster Biscuit." I explained and looked at the ground, looking anywhere but Louis. 

When I finally did look up at Louis, his blue eyes were widened with fear, his hand had stopped scratching Biscuits back and he set the dog gingerly on the ground. 

"I should get going," He told me and turned on his heel towards the door. 

"Louis? Whats wrong?" I asked concerned, because I really was. Louis never acted this way - and if he did it was never around anyone. Maybe he acted this way with his mum and sisters. 

"Nothing." He mumbled, and walked into the house and shut the door with a forceful slam. 

I cringed at how loud the door slammed. I stood there for a few minutes utterly confused and to be honest - kind of hurt. I don't know how long I stood there, but once Biscuit started to whimper he snapped me out of whatever trance I was in and tugged his leash.

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