Weird Dreams

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*Author's note:I think I was me or I was Sebastian but i don't know why Claude,undertaker and will would chase me *

Number 1 of the weird dream From Black butler: I was being chased so I look behind me and I saw Grell, Claude, undertaker, and will all chasing me. But the really weird part of the dreams was i looked at what i was wearing Sebastian's's tailor coat and sum pants with no shoes on.

I could have stole Sebastian's's coat and grell would  wanted the coat but i cant example why the other people would chase me

Another thing I can out run a demon a grim reaper I AM so cool!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

Number 2-I had a power ranger dream: I was a pink ranger and i was also a vampire too. I was on a island and that monster that wore gold armor he changed into a human and i bit him but after  the bit he turned into a vampire like me. When he turned he found out that i was in love with him and so i ran away from him.

Number 3-Okay i was walking down a road or something to the left of me there was a girl that was tending to a garden but when i got closer to her she turned into Kabuto and he was looking at me and smiling at me too. It was so weird.

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