London Baby!

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We were nearly in London, I was so excited! Today me and Jodie are going to an interview for our first time and I’m so happy, but Jodie bless her seems quite nervous. As we were applying for a music event organiser apprenticeship we were hoping that it would have some sort of tiny involvement with The X Factor but I highly doubt it, it’d be cool if we did though!

Oh shit, I thought to myself. We’re here and Jodie’s asleep. It’s time to go ninja style!


Someone was jumping on me as I opened my eyes, oh wait it’s only Cait.

“Get off me you, you person,” I grumbled.

“Come on, we’re here. We have to get the tube to the flat and get ready. Then head of for the interview, hence why we got the 5am train okay!” Cait said cheerfully.

“Fine!” I groaned.

We got the tube to Regent Street. Oh my, my mouth dropped when I arrived. This is like rich man’s land, I knew Cait’s family had some money, but not this much!

“So, erm Cait. Why are we in rich man’s land?” I asked quietly.

“Right, you see that block of flats over there to the left?” Cait pointed over the road.

“Yes...” I answered.

“Well,” Cait replied. “The one on the top floor is mine, it’s a penthouse. Did I forget to tell you?” She asked calmly.

“Oh er I guess you did.” I was gobsmacked. Absolutely mind blown, I was going to live in Regent Street, in a pent house with my best friend. Holy shit!

The Interview.

“Cait, I’m so nervous this is killing my stomach!” I exclaimed to Caitlin. We were currently sitting in the waiting room waiting for our interview. I was so nervous. I thought I’d just let Cait do all the talking. She knew more than me.

“Jode, it’ll be fine I promise. They won’t bite, if you want a job you’ve gotta go for it!” She said.

Suddenly a door opened and a woman with short black hair stepped out, this made me and Caitlin look up from our seats.

“Caitlin Smith and Jodie Taylor?” The woman questioned.

“Yes,” We replied simultaneously.

“Hi girls, I’m Alex. Seeing as we spoke to Caitlin on the phone and she seemed certain that you’d both enjoy the apprenticeship and seeing as nobody has applied, we thought who needs an interview hey? You can have the job! Now girls, if you’d just like to follow me into my office I’ll go through what you’re going to be doing over the next year if that’s alright with you two?” Alex asked.

“That’s absolutely fine,” I answered confidently. Cait gave me a wink, she knew I was coming out of my comfort zone as I was always secluded and I wasn’t very good with speaking up to people I didn’t know, but hey I did it!

We followed Alex into her office and sat down at her beautiful mahogany desk.

“So girls, you’re two very lucky people right now! We’ve been asked to help on a studio set, like a TV show. I know it doesn’t sound very much music included, but trust me, you’ll love it.” Alex said as she handed us a piece of paper with some writing on, and in big letters it read ‘THE X FACTOR’. Me and Caitlin looked at each other in shock! Our mouths dropped wide open and we couldn’t help but let out a little squeal!

“So, you might want me to explain?” Alex asked us, we nodded quickly. “Well, we’ve had an offer from The X Factor team for me and my two apprenticeships; which are you two, to help out at the studios and the tour. I know it’s a big commitment but it’ll be awesome! You’ll get to know the contestants, and you’ll basically be like a PA to them for the duration of the live shows. During the week you’ll be watching them rehearse and honestly girls, it’s a piece of cake. So are you in?”

“YES YES YES!” Me and Caitlin chorused.

“That’s great girls! Now, I take it you’ll be staying in the London area, because it’ll be a lot easier for you two travel around. So, it’s a Wednesday today so are you girls okay with starting say next Monday? It’ll give you two time to move into the city and know your way around. Then if you’re here for 9am start on Monday that’d be great girls!” Alex said.

“Thank you so very much, Alex. We can’t wait to start; thank you for taking your time out to interview is too!” Caitlin said.

“Anytime Caitlin! So see you on Monday!”Alex smiled.

“See you then!” I said as we walked out of her office.

That was it; me and Cait just had to break out. We had a full on skanking session in the middle of London, we were so excited. We were going to meet One Direction; we were going to be working for them. We’d be with them every day! I’m buzzing! We can’t wait! Our dreams were finally coming true!

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