"Chipmunk is beating up our tour manager! Someone stop her, we need him." Within seconds, I felt a pair of arms wrap around my torso, binding my arms to my body and I was being pulled to the stage. With a quick glance over my shoulder I groaned.

"Please don't take me on stage Zack. I'm petrified." I grumbled and he just shook his head.

"You don't have a choice, you realise that they'll make you get onstage anyway?" He grinned and pulled me onto the stage finally.

"Presenting, the girl who just successfully beat up Matt Flyzik!" Zack cheered into his mic and I turned a bright red as the crowd cheered with them.

"So, Chipmunk. How come Matt knew about your singing?"

"Ask him yourself." I grumbled and the four of them burst into laughter.

"Well, Chipmunk. Will you sing for us?"

"No." I stated bluntly as I felt the panic tighten in my chest. Alex's face fell slightly.

"Aw why?" 

"Because I don't like performing in front of crowds." I mumbled as my eyes began to sting, the old memories rushing back. "Please, Alex. Don't make me.

"Don't worry Chipmunk, I won't make you do something you don't want to do." His arms wrapped around me and I briefly hugged him back, because it felt wrong. It wasn't his arms I wanted to comfort me.

"Give it up for the girl who beat up All Time Low's tour manager!" Alex yelled and I grinned briefly before I left the stage at a hasty pace. 

Tay placed a hand on my shoulder as I walked past and she gave me a concerned look.

"I need space." I choked out and she nodded before letting me go. 

It took me a while, but I finally found a spot in the shade which was hidden from people's sight.

I felt the walls break in those few moments alone and I just let the tears overcome me. The panic remained in my chest and so I brought my knee to my chest and hid my face as I focused on calming down.

It wasn't much longer till I heard a familiar voice and I glanced up, hastily wiping the tears from my cheek.

"Lex, what's wrong?" Jack's voice made my heart speed up and I hid my face again. I was finding it hard to breath as it was. "Lex?" His voice was much closer now.

"Hurts. To. Breathe." I rasped out, my chest pains causing more tears to fall down my cheek. Jack shuffled closer and wrapped his arms around me, pulling me closer to him so that my head was lay against his chest.

"Calm down. Focus on my breathing and follow the pattern." He instructed. I wanted to tease him for being so responsible, but the sharp pain made me focus on the deep breaths that he was taking.

I followed suit and very quickly my heartbeat calmed down and I found it easier to breathe again.

"Thank you." I murmured. 

"Anytime. And I'm sorry about Alex pulling you on stage. I wouldn't have said anything if I knew you would react that way."

"Don't be. It's Matt's fault. He gets full blame." I grumbled and he laughed. I let out a sigh and he rubbed his hand up and down my arm in a soothing manner.

"What's up buttercup?" 

"I'm one hundred and ten percent sure my nightmare free nights are over now." I muttered and he looked down at me.

"Being on stage. Memories." I half explained, trying to block out another sudden rush of memories.

"Stay with us tonight?"

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