Im woke up, by a mouth full of salt and water. I spit it out and jump up only to have the water pull the sand out from under me. I fall-on Louis. He lets out a heavy grunt, then pushes me off him.

He sits up and looks around, "Did we fall asleep on the beach?" I ask. "No. We slept walked here." He says helping me up.  He pulls his phone out of his pocket, "The lads are freaking out. We better go home." he says takeing my hand and running.

We run to my car and get in.

Louis's phone buzzes, "Harry. He thinks I've taken you somewhere and killed you off or something." Louis says pulling out.  What would they think when they saw us?

We are covered in sand, our hair looks like we havent seen a brush in a good month, our clothes are soaked and wrinkled.

 "What will they think when they see us?" I ask laughing. He looks us over, "Its hard to say...." 


"What the hell happened to you two?" Nial asks when we walk in.

"Did you two...?" Harry says, smiling like a wild man.

"NO!" I scream.

"Well we-" Louis begins but I cut him off.

''We didnt do anything." Liam obviously doesn't believe me.  I grab Lou's hand and run upstairs.

Louis grabs a pair of of sweats and runs to the bathroom before I can.  So I sit down on the floor, not wanting to ruin our white and black bedspread,  and wait for him to come out.

Liam walks in with a grim expression on his face.

"A, can I talk to you?" he asks.

"Sure." I say getting up and walking outside the room with him.

 "I know its none of my business and all, but what exactly did you guys do on the beach last night?" he asks shyly, and blushing.

"Nothing. He threw me in the ocean, I jumped on him, we then, er... made-out. Then we fell asleep on the beach." I say looking him in the eyes.

"Oh. Okay, good." he says letting out a deep breath.

"Liam, Im not that type of girl. I dont care if me and Louis are together for ten years, if there isnt a ring on this finger..." I stick up my ring finger "...thats not going to happen."  

He smiles then hugs me, "Im just protective over you I guess..." he says into my shoulder.

"You smell like saltwater." he says laughing.

 "You dont say!?" I say laughing, then pushing him.

Louis comes out of the bedroom, in nothing but his boxers. "Hey." Is all he says, then he walks downstairs. I look up at Liam, he shakes his head and smiles. "Stick around long enough, and youll see Harry naked." he says walking down the stairs. I blush, then go change.  

"LOUIS PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON!" I hear Liam scream as I open the bedroom door. I walk down the stairs slowly allowing him time to put his pants on.

 "Why did you have your pants off?" I ask, looking at him. "Does it matter?" he says. "No. But why are you in boxers? I saw you take a pair of sweats to the bathroom with you?" I ask sitting down beside Harry. "I dont know." he says running up to the bedroom.  

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