on the search for chloe were could she be!?!?!

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briana's pov*

Roc and I already got our matching outfits on and were just packing another duffel bag full with our things were going to need and me guessing the boys will need a map of were they need to look cuz they have never been to london without their managers or security and we might be their for a while and i think i know who took chloe btu i might be wrong who wouldnt want a rich person.''okay rocim ready i step out of my bathroom as soon as he steps out of my other bathroom''omg look we finished at the same time''he said''yea i know its all about the hair it has to be perfect and i need time for it you understand me right''i said''yea i do i spent about 15 mins checking if my hair was all right and the boys are waiting on us so lets go""just help me with our bags''me and roc have about 4 or 5 bagsi locked my door and we left to chloe's house.


we saw bria and roc coming with 4 or 5 bags why did they need so much .the boys and i only had only 2 lugages full of clothing .''finally  u get here wat took u so long''ray said''oh we were getting ready and we have too look presentable''roc said''for wat were not going to the red carpet or taking pictures''i said ''well sorry this is how long we take everyday day so i dont why your whining now so suck it up''bri said''lets just go alredy''prince said the bride to the airport was long,bria nd roc wouldn't stop kissing they would be whining about how their hair looked then briana took out her hair spray because she wanted her hair curly and the whole car smelt like hair spray she waisted 1 whole spray bottle and then thank god we arrived before she was starting to put her lip gloss on she wanted to know which one was better and test it on our skins''okay guys the jet is at gate 5 so hurry up i need to check my area to make sure its right and it has the proper food i ordered so let me go first''briana said''wow bri when i first met you u weren't like this btu we werent family yet so yea i didnt know much about u''roc said''aww well now you know me so dont get me mad or sad cuz when my hair changes thats wat ticks me really bad and i have to find a differnet way to style it''she said''hey wat type of food did u order''ray''organic and fruits and a few junk foods for you guys and my favorite stuff so watever you like u can have''bri saidwe got on the jet and bri went to her private area she had to check if it was the way she wanted it a nd then we can join her.12 hours later after joining bri we had eaten and talked and planned out our plan to save chloe.

chloe's pov*

after the call with guys i was kidnap and i saw the face luke the guy i was suppose to get married took me .i think he wants me to get married to him.''why would u leave for him i could of given u everything''he said ever since he took me he has beaten me and even raped me''answer me'' and then he did something i didnt want to happen he kicked me in my stomach and he just left me their i saw blood coming i thought i  was having a miscarigge but he only way to find out is to wait i thought but then i blacked out.


please comment and vote .wat will happen to princetonand chloe's baby ?will they find her in time or will it be to late?please tell me if its good?

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