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Pen Your Pride

 As me and the girls walked through the double doors of school, the bell went. I am always late now... We all groaned in annoyance, except Kayla, excitement sparkling in her eyes.

     "Um, Kayla, we are late, and your excited?" Jessica asked in confusion. In that second, I realized she was so excited about...

"The prank!" We shouted out, suddenly, we were all charging to the class room. As we reached the class room, all our eyes landed on the roof. The cross was their, we looked down on it, Julia was there.

     "Oh, Juuuuulia." I sang, getting her attention. She was in thinnest belt, oops, I mean shortest skirt in the world.

       "What do you want newbie?" She sneered. I smirked at her, as she didn't know what was about happen. I looked at all the girls, and Liz gave me the... 'remote' 

     "Look up." I simply said, smiling. As she started to look up, their was already gasps. We were ready. I quickly pressed the button as Julia's friend, Debbie, was about to pull Julia back. Pranking them both.

   "OH MY FU-" Julia was cut off when our homeroom tutor, Ms Briggs, came in.

       "What is this?!" Ms Briggs gasped as she looked at Julia and Debbie, all covered in glue and barber shop floor hair.

     "Surprise." Jordan smirked. Soon, me and the girls burst out laughing at the state of the two girls in front of us.

     "Yeah, so the chick was so c- The F-hell..." A voice appeared, everyone turned around, behind us. We turned around to see the my emeny.

       "Oh, sup Grande." I could hear chuckling/giggling behind me.

     "Ha ha." I said flatly. His eyes went straight at mine, then went to my side.

     "Um, whats with Julia and Debra?" He asked, Debbie growled lightly.

     "Its Debbie, not ... Debra." She said, mostly in her shoulder. Julia kicked Debbie in the butt, shutting her up from talking to her boyfriend.

       "The newbie and her clan pranked us!" Julia cried, running to Jai's side.

     "Okay firstly, 'clan'? This isn't COD or something." I heard laughs around, I could even see Jai stifling a laugh. "And secondly, this is a 'Prank War.' What did you except us to do? Throw bows at you?" That owned some laughs. 

      "Oh shut up! You know what, your name perfectly. Grande! Course your big in weight. Not in life." She smirked. Wow, that actually hurt me inside. No-one really knows this, but when I was little, I always used to eat alot, some people in middle school even called me fat, and a pig. But I must admit, I was abit on the chubby side.   So I lost weight in the summer, and when I say lost, I mean, LOST. I don't even know where it went, it just... went. I moved straight to England. Its kinda a bummer that my last name is Grande, but I really like it sometimes.

     "Ugh, whatever." I groaned. I couldn't care less if she calls me Grande.

    "I bet your dad is big in weight. You have got a manly face." Gr. Oh yeah, I forgot, my dad died in a car crash. Okay I didn't forget, I just didn't want to think about it, but thank you Julia. "Hm? I bet your dad is at home eating bucket chicken. 'Grande' family you got there." After that, everyone started laughing, except my friends, looking at my face in focus. Hurt, yet goddamn angry.

  Suddenly, all the angry forced itself out of me, grabbing Julia and slamming her into the wall, almost nose to nose now. Hairy to Smooth.

       "My dad is dead, you insensitive witch." Angry flaring in my voice, yet I said it in a calm manner.       "And thats my problem how? Probably died of over-wei-" So she didn't stop, so I started. I slammed my fist right onto her jaw, then another, with all its force, in her gut, making her double over. I felt someone pull me off Julia, that was all sticky, hairy and on the floor. 

     "Get off of me!" Julia screamed in pain, she quickly crawled to Debbie when a person pulled in away. I pulled my fist to hit, but the person caught my fist at the last moment.

     "No, no.." Jai tutted, holding me firm to keep me from attacking the wicked witch of the east of there, crying in pain.

      "Ms Grande! Principle, NOW!" Ms Briggs yelled with all her voice. I grunted as Jai let go of me, and I marched out of class in angry, slamming the door shut, causing it to make a very loud sound.

   Oh god damn fricking days...


The chapter is here! WEE. So sorry it took so long to come out, I've been fasting and today is Eid, EID MUBARAK EVERYONE! I pretty promise that I will update the new chapter very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY soon! :] ♥


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