Dreaming of Gold part 2

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The next week went rather smoothly, I started training about seven hours a day and studied in between. 

Mark is was an amazing coach, he gave me schedules  about what to do and what to eat. I had five hours fitness a week and had to go running about once every two days.

He knew what he was doing and gave me a very secure feeling.

Life was very different from my life in Denmark, Days seemed to be longer here. Maybe because I haven’t made any friends yet.

I did miss the green from home, the freshness maybe…

After my training from this morning I went to class, as I was supposed to.

I sat down in the center of the aula. A few people were sitting a few rows in front of me and two or three people somewhere in the corner in the back of the room.

A girl sat down next to me, she smelled like shampoo. When I looked at her out of the corner of my eye I noticed her hair was still wet.

“could I borrow a pencil from you?” She asked with a smile. “ I overslept and forgot half of my stuff at home”

“Sure!” a grabbed one of my spare pens and gave it to her.

“I’m Emily by the way” she took the pen.

“I’m Nilsa, nice to meet you”

She had blue eyes and a wide smile, she wore colorful  clothes which suited her immense smile.

“That’s not very common, is it?”

“I’m from Denmark” I explained

“That’s nice, maybe we could have a drink after class?”

I had running practice after this class. But I was running on my own so moving it up an hour would’t hurt anyone.

“I’d love to” she nodded when the teacher started his class about psychopathology.

So after class we had a drink together.

I told her about my gymnastics and about Denmark, she told me about her interest for psychology and about the interesting aria.

“ … and there are a lot of cute boys out here.” She ended a long list of positive things about the university.

“I don’t really have time for boys and I have my gymnastics to focus on…” I replied smiling at her.

She went on about some cute guys passing by our table hoping to match me with some athlete.

“I have to get going… I still have to run for an hour and a half” I told her after a while.

“Oh that’s a shame, I’ll give you my phone number and address. When you’re tired running you can stop by my place for some water.”

We switched phone numbers and addresses and I promised to run by later.

I went home to change after I had a quick look on the computer where Emily lived, I decided to start running and see where it got me.

Running went well, I wasn’t tired yet, even with this heat.

I saw a board with a town map on it and got a look at it to see where I was and how far I was from Emily’s house.

I tried to figure out where I was. When someone scared me.

“Can I perhaps help you?”

I turned around, A tall guy stood next to me. He had brown hair  and sparkling eyes and then I won’t even start about his white smile.

“Euuuhhmm….” I stuttered “ yeah, maybe you can”  I smiled back at him.

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