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Jenelle's PoV

I woke up feeling extremely sore. I slowly stretched, the tips of my toes brushing the sides of the cool bunk. I slowly pushed myself up, my wrists cracking as I did. I looked to my left, and there, sleeping next to me, was Nash Overstreet.

Oh my God, last night wasn't just a twisted dream. I had screwed NASH OVERSTREET. I wanted to cuddle up next to him and go back to sleep, but instead, I reached for my phone and pressed the home button to check the time.

I was an hour late for work.


I screamed and fell out of the bunk, then began pulling my clothes back on. Nash looked up, eyes bleary, then smiled sleepily.

"Mornin'." he slurred.

"Hey!" I gasped. "I need to get to work!" I yanked my t-shirt on then pulled my hair up into a pony tail.

"Really...?" Nash asked.

"Yeah, I own a bakery and I'm an hour late. God, my employees are going to flip." Nash got out of bed and pulled his jeans on, then grabbed my arm, and pulled me into a kiss."I'm getting your number. I'll pick you up after you get off work. Where's the bakery at?"

I smiled and told him the address and when I got off, then we grabbed each other's phones, entered our numbers, and I caught a cab to my shop.

"And where have you been, Miss?" Cheryl, my favorite employee, asked. Cheryl is like my mom. She's almost 50, a mother of four, and is just great. She was the first applicant, and the first one to start working here.

I blushed and stumbled into the back kitchen, where I spend my days.

"Um... Are you sure you want to hear my answer..?" I chuckled.

"You were at a boy's house, weren't you?" Cheryl winked.

"You could say 'house'..." I blushed, put my apron on and grabbed a huge mixing bowl, and began doing my job.

"Apartment?" she guessed.

"No." I scoffed.

"Hmm... Hotel room?" she guessed again. I laughed.

"Oh, just tell me already!" she giggled. "Fine! Tour bus!" I laughed, pulling a tray of cold bread dough from the cooler and putting it in the oven.

"Oh my God, you're a groupie!" Cheryl gushed.

"Am not!" I retorted. "I met a guy who just happened to be in a band!" I put emphasis on 'happened' and started icing a cake. It was just me and Cheryl today. We were both silently praying to every god and goddess that we'd have a slow day and close early.

And that is exactly what we did. I texted Nash that I was off and he came to get me immediately.

"Hey, gorgeous," he greeted me, putting a hand on the base of my spine and kissing me. I put my hands on his shoulders and happily deepened the kiss, drowning in ecstasy.

"So," I broke away for a moment. "What trouble are we going to get into today?" he smirked and kissed my forehead, then put an arm around my shoulders. I wrapped one of my arms around his waist and we walked down the street together.

"Well," he began "I was just thinking we could go to dinner, then find something to do." I smiled at him and nuzzled my head into his shoulder.

"Sounds perfect." We found a sushi place and decided to eat there.

"So, tell me about yourself." Nash said once we got our table.

"Well... My name's Jenelle Emily Greene, I'm an accomplished baker, I have a pit bull named Soren and a goldfish named Steve-"

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