Chapter 16

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Harrys Pov

"Today is the day that we'll kill that girl." I heard a guy say.

Every single on of us jumped up from behind the trees and charged at the 2 men.

"FOR NARNIA!" Lou screamed.

"Um  I mena FOR MIKAYLA!" He said again.

*sigh* that idiot.

I tackeled one of the men down. And punched him, then kicked him, and then pushed his head against a huge tree.

"HOW DO YOU FUCKING LIKE IT?!" I screamed at him.

He was knocked out.

I look back and see Zayn throwing the guys against the tree..The guy has a bloody nose and isn't standing up..probobly knocked out to.

"I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER!" Zayn screamed out again while kicking him again.

The Liam went upto both the unconscios guys and kicked them in the gut..pretty hard.

*sigh* We'll have to wait for them to wake up.

"Niall? Lou? Go tie them up please." Liam sighed.

Zayn went to make sure they can't get out.

"What if they wake up to late?!" Liam asked frantically.

"We'll try spilling the ice cold lake water on them when they're perfectly tied up." I said.

"Ok.." Liam said unsure.

"Hey guys when they wake up can I threaten them with my knife??" Zayn asked.

"Sure Zayn." I said with a sigh.

"Well alright lets go get the water shall we?" Lou said.

Nialls Pov

That was scary. I feel so weak..I probobly couldn't even hurt one of the guys they'll just shove me aside...I made sure the ropes were tied tightly enough that they will get serious rope burn... I can't do anything..

I got a bucket full of water and splashed it at the guys.

They started to wake up.

"wha-" One of them started and I don't know why I just kicked him in the gut. Zayn came over to me and hugged me behind my waist and started talking to me.

"Whats wrong Ni?" He asked.

"I feel so weak..Like I can't do anything." I whispered back looking down.

A grin went on Zayns face.

"Niall You are doing something huge just by breathing? Do you not understand how girl's lives you saved by your kind works and actions? Do you not understand that so many girls...and EVEN guys love and adore you? You are anything but weak." He said to me.

"Um guys..We got the adress for where they're keeping Mikayla so um.." Liam started.

"We're coming!" Zayn said smiled at me and started walking to the van.

What just happened.

Liams Pov

 The assholes are in the back of the van still tied up while we were looking for the place.

"ummm....THERE IT IS!" I heard Harry yell.

"WELL LETS GO!" Zayn screamed suddenly.

Wewalked through the front door.

"Oh thank god did you leave the note? I thought you guys were like killed or somet-" A random guy started, but then he looked up and saw it wasen't his teamates or friends or whatever.

Harry quickly knocked him out to. And then we heard Mikayla scream.

"PLEASE NO I BEG IT HURTS!!" I heard Mikayla scream.

We all sprinted for the stairs that leaded downstairs.

A guy was exciting on of the rooms and I punched him so hard that he just fell to the floor.

"Daddy?" I heard a little girls voice say.

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