Zara Gets Pranked :)

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Chapter Title: Zara Gets Pranked:)

Aleah POV:

Waking up from a loud knocking at our door, I rushed over and it was Rio.

"Aleah have you heard?"

"Erh Rio. I just woke up"

I pushed him inside and closed the door.

Rio eyed Brogan and India still sleeping and grabbed me by the shoulder.

"Brogan and Aaron are together, Christina broke up with him last night." 

So that explains what Brogan meant. What was going on seriously?

"That's nice." I say tiredly.

I trudged to the bathroom, grabbing my towel i started to wash my face the cold water felt so refreshing on my face. I brushed my teeth, but then a weird sickly feeling came over me.  I realized I was only in my bra and pajamas trousers. I walked out the bathroom, even though Rio was on my bed, and jumped under the covers.

"Aleah it's 7:30 chop chop. Breakfast's at 8."

"I think I'm going to pass." I mumble.


My stomach churns and I sit up in pain.

"I feel sick." I moan.

Rio ruffles my hair.

"Rio, fuck off." I say through gritted teeth.

"Hey don't be harsh."

"Yeah well right now I feel sick, no breakfast for me."

I hold my stomach. Ergh, I felt my stomach just ready to.............I vomited all over the bed and on Rio's chest. 

"Omg Aleah!" Yelled Rio, waking up India and Brogan.  

I wipe my mouth

"I'm so, so sorry." I say quickly.

"That is so gross." I hear Brogan say. 

Rio just looks down at the vomit with disgust.

"I guess I should clear you up." I mumble to Rio who didn't seem to hear.  

I wrap the covers up and push them on the floor then go the bathroom and wash my mouth out. 

I had no idea why I felt so ill but knew when I leave this bathroom Rio was going to be very pissed.

Brogan and India were sorting through clothes and Rio was just standing there shirtless.

"Take this." I throw him a wet towel and he wiped his chest and arms down.

"Aleah you owe me." He said sharply sending and shivers down my spine.

"Yeah, okay I'm sorry." I reply grumpily.

I wipe down my body before putting all the bedsheets in a pile to wash. 

At camp, we were allowed to go the laundry to wash and dry our clothes, but we had to pay. So I'll probably do laundry later.

"How are you going to go breakfast topless?" I ask Rio holding back a laugh.

"I don't know Aleah, you tell me. You're the one who just vomited all over my clean top."

"Don't be an ass Rio. It was an accident." I say.

"Yeah Rio, poor Aleah is ill." India defends hugging me tightly.  

I grab my hoodie before making my way outside the room.

Rio follows me. 

"Hey Aleah where you going?"

"To get a clean top for you, I owe you right?" I smile.

"Yeah cool I'll wait in your room." 

I carry on towards Rio's room and as I go to knock on the door, it opens itself. Clumsy boys ay, forgetting to lock there door.

"Hey who's about?" I ask, but no one seems to answer. So I walk over to Rio's suitcase and grab a blue tight fitted polar top and slip it over my shoulder. Before I leave, I see Rio's laptop opened on the bottom bunk bed and walk over to have a sneaky look. It was logged in MSN Zara had started a conversation it read.

--- To Rio 

Baby cakes we need to meet. 

Maybe after dinner. What you say? 

9ish..hurry and answer.

Feeling quite sickened by Zara's desperation I decided to play a little prank and answer.

-- To Zara 

Yeah cool 

9ish is great 

I'll be at your room 

I giggle at my little trick, Zara deserved to be stood up the easy little...She replied in seconds.

-- To Rio 

Yes okay, I'll tell the girls 

Cya miss you

I quickly cross off the conversation before making my way back to my room.  

As soon as I enter, Brogan and India were leaving to go breakfast. 

"Thanks what took you so long?" Rio's eyes furrowed.

"I...... had to... find Jake or Aaron to unlock the door. No one was around." I lied.

"Really damn."

I watched Rio put his new top on. It fit just right.  

He half smiled and ruffled his hair. Such a showoff.

"Aleah I am going now do you want anything?"

"Water please."

"Yeah sure, I hope you get better." 

And with that Rio was gone. 

Sloping down on my bed, I remembered how pissed Zara is going to feel when she gets stood up later. 


Christina POV

I spotted India and Brogan taking there breakfast over to Aaron and Rio and I felt sick. They were both acting like nothing had happened. I was heart broken. 

Picking up a croissant I crushed it in my hands and stormed over to there table. 

All eyes pierced into mine and I just burst into tears. They all looked at me stunned. Rio got up, the charming guy he is, and held me to his chest.

"Christina maybe you should go back to your friends." Rio said in the most soothing voice.

I nodded and decided I didn't even want to face my friends. I just wanted to be alone. I have totally made a fool out of myself. That was it. I'm leaving this stupid Camp Funrise, because it certainly didn't live up to the 'fun' title.  


A/N: OMG Sorry but its so funny when Aleah vomited over Rio, Hahaha i no i sound creepy but yeah

so what do you think, is Christina going to leave camp?? X

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