A/N sorry about the length origionally when i wrote this i had planned for it to be posted on instagram and i didnt want it to be to long. I'm trying to edit it and make the chapters longer but it's hard to do that without messing myself up for future chapters. Sorry:/ heres chapter 2...


Brooke's Point of View

Looking through the refridgerator and pantry i decided it would be to much work t make anything fancy. So i got the milk, a bowl, frk , and my favorite cereal captain crunch. I sat n the sofa and turned on MTV News they were talking about One Direction's  Up All Night tour and how they were such a hit in America. I smiledd to myself happy that five of my bestfriends were now home with me in London.

 I ate my cereal thinking about how i should apologise to Noah. My phone started playin  What Makes You Beautiful the called I.D. read Noah. "Hey babe im so sorry! Please forgive me! I swear i wasn't cheating on you! It was only Niall, we're best friends, you know that, he's like a brother to me. I'm so so so sorry!" My heart was racing i really wanted him t olisten and not be mad anymore. I lovve him so much i can't just let go of him. "Yea,ok. I forgive you I guess but i dont think you should talk to Niall anymore." My heart sank at his words, Niall and i have been friends for over 10 years but I really want to stay with Noah. "Okay, i wont talk to him anymore." 

"Good, i have to go to work, let's go out tonight."

"Okay, sounds great! I love you."

The line weant dead. I can tell he's still mad at me. It's going t be so hard talking to niall, at least i still have Sophie.

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