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They stand close and swear they see

The layers that make me be me

They say I'm stong, I'm loud and curt

I'm reconizable by smirk

Think I'm happy just to be alive

My rule is faith and I abide

I almost wish they called my bluffs

Because it would mean they care enough

But I'm one of many Christian girls

Burning, boxed up in this hell

They're distant and chose to ignore

The smell of blood behind my door

I wish He could, I wish He might

Grant my parent the gift of sight

To see what became of their own first born

To see the things she's come to scorn

Love is first, and then comes trust

Followed by the fraze 'I must'

The only thing I belive in

Is the lasting scar of mortal sin

I hurt all day, my body and soul

Only my blood has the power to console

The rush I get is worth the pain

I guess that's what makes me insane

All these people who swear they see

But don't understand what makes me be me

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