Chapter 4

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 "Take me to that old familiar place, take me to memories we won’t erase take me to all that we had good and the bad"

 Lupe Fiasco- I'll never forget you

 I wasn't sure should I walk over there and kick his ass or just into to his arms I mean it wasn't like I ran away from Cali and didn't keep in touch I talk to some of my friends but you know it would be nice to have a heads up if your best friend was going to leave the state. I guess I'll know when I get their I as soon as I saw Jace I ran up to him and yelled out his name he had a shock look on his face I wasn't sure if it was from seeing me or the fact that I'm screaming his name in a pubic place but I didn't care as soon as I was in his arm I did the unthinkable I kissed Jace.

 No it was a little shot sweet kiss the kinds you give to your best friend because he said something sweet I mean the kind you just want to take the guy alone and lock him up some where but the wried thing was it felt so good and so right never in my life I showed this side to Jace I mean we kid around but not this far as my arms wrap around him the kiss became dipper and hotter. He slowly slid his tong into my mouth and pulled me in closer to him making his arms wrap around my body slowly breaking away from the kiss for air I whispered.

 "I missed you" and he smiled.

 "I missed you more" then I heard laughs, giggles, and whistles thats when I realize what was going on.

 "Oh my gosh!" I yelled I quickly pushed him away and overed my mouth I just kisses Jace my best friend "I'm soooooo sorry" I said feeling a whole bunch of mixed a emotions I didn't know what to do my mind was going crazy "Oh my gosh" I said freaking out I think I just of went for kicking his ass I start to pace thinking and trying to play this situation in my head.

 "Guys I'll catch you late" he said waving bye to his friends they all laughed and walked away "Come on lets go" he took me star bucks and order for me he always know what want we sat and drink in silence.

 "Well its nice to see you" he said giving me a shy grim but I was in ont jokeing mood he reach out for my hand but I moved back.

 "Jace look" I said looking up into his blue eyes "I'm sorry I don't know what came over me. I guess that fact that I missed you and I haven't seen you since graduation I was happy and shock out of all places I would find you here I didn't know weather to kick your ass or jump on you and give you a hug"

 "So you choose to kiss me?" he asked with a smile on his face I let out a sigh.

 "I know right" I slap my forhead calling my slef an idiot.

 "Listen Ke-"

 "I didn't mean to change or mess up are friendship any way and I'm sorry I embarrass you in front of your friends. I promise you I won't make that mistake again so can we just for get it every happen"

 "The kiss was a mistake?"

 "Of course it was" I say like it as obvious taking a sip of my mocha still warm.

 "Fine its forgotten" I let out a breath and sit back.

 "Thank you" we change the subject and take about what happen after I felt Jace said after I left he stayed a little longer because he had somethings to work out then he went to live with his grandma for a couple of months Georgia after realizing he didn't want to wast is time moving to family to family he decided to go to college and do something so that's how he ended up here.

 "So what college do you go too?" I asked as we left the mall.

 "Appalachian State University" he said proudly.

 "Nice but I mean kind of mad at you" 


 "Because your dum tail act like you can't even warn or call any body!" I said hitting him.

 "Ow, I'm sorry If I known you was going to be here I would of told you"

 "But hey your in luck this is my last stop and I'm leaving here" I said smiling Jace didn't seem happy he looked more scared and nerves "Aren't you happy for me?"

 "Yeah, yeah oh yeah I am I'm so happy" he gave me a fake smile and I knew he was lien he's hiding something and I want to find out.

 "Jace what's worng?" I asked stoping my steps.

 "Nothing" I put my hands on my hips "Fine" he rolled his eyes and let out a breath "Just be careful ok this place is dangerous" now I was the one the rolled their eyes he was worried about that my safety.

 "Aw come on Jace I'm a big girl I changed I'm not the same care free person I was before" Jace licks his lips and it seems as though he's in deep thought about something I wonder if he's thinking about the kiss.

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