Chapter 8

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Ethan's P.O.V

My life dosen't seem right. A week pass and we still didn't even talk to each other. The only time we did was when we made a video that we weren't together and all drama that was happening was really not true. When we were done filming I tried talking to her but she raised a hand and walked out of my house. I texted her, and called her, but she never reply back.

Now my life feels empty. Friends came and go, but it was like watching them in a movie. I fake smile and nodded, but didn't really listen to what they were saying. I ran out of idea's for our next video's and didn't edit, Grayson did most of that work now.

I stayed in my room a lot. I didn't eat, unless I felt really hungry I'll post-mate something- no I would still not eat Grayson's food.

Then one day James  comes over waving a his phone around in his hands.

He didn't knock, he didn't even bother calling. He just storms in, waves his phone, without smiling he says 'hi sister!' and gives me his phone. There, Emma was in an interview with this girl I didn't bother to care, I only read the most important part of the title, 'Tea on Ethan Dolan!'

"What?" I question him.

"Just watch it." He walks out. I sat there skipping parts and finally got to the part.

"So, a lot of confusion was going around when someone posted you and Ethan kissing, fans went crazy, what was really going on?"

Emma hesitated, "Um, basically, me and Ethan posted a video and said it was all a game, spin the bottle people. There wasn't really anything going on. " She forced a smile, only I can tell, "That's the real tea!"

They both shared a laugh and the girl continued, " But, if you guys had a chance, would you guys be together?"       

She opened her mouth, then closed it. Deciding to answer, then she finally did, "I feel like things would work out, but I suck at being a girlfriend, so I'm not really sure. But girls out there, I'm telling you, his a great guy, kind, funny, awesome, go hook him up- Ethan if your wondering why there's girls all over you more, sorry"  

I laughed, I didn't know why. But seeing the fact Emma, let go of the past, and didn't expose anything was a feeling of relief.

The girl laughed and they continued laughing and talking about girl struggles or something. I got up and went to the exercise room where laughter was coming room. I opened the door and saw James sitting on the floor watching Grayson work out. 

"So, I watched it" I said handing the phone back to him.

"And, as you can see, Emma isn't mad anymore! You guys should totally work it out!" James said excitedly.

"Yeah, well she made herself clear she doesn't want to see me anymore." I frown and went to pick up some weights. Grayson raised an eyebrow since I didn't work out much anymore after what happened.

"What?" I glared.

He shrugged and walked over to the smith machine. James looks at both of us and made a face.

"Alright, what's going on?"

"Nothing." We both say.

James stand up looking at both of us with a stern motherly look, "What is it?"

I ignored and him, and Grayson sighs answering, "You know when you want to help out a person, you advice them, you tell them what you should have done or shouldn't and they yell at you arguing when you try to help them, that's what I hate when people do."   

"Well, you know. Some people have to understand when the other one wants to talk, or even listen to what the person think they shouldn't do, since things are already over and messed up. Sometimes they should mind their own business." I said.

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