As soon as i got home i went upstairs and got changed when i heard a knock on the door so i run downstairs and open the door

Me: Hey what are you doing here

Isaac:Can i come in

Me; Umm sure come in

He walks in

Isaac:Nice place you have here

Me: Thanks but i cant help but think its too big  for one person

Isaac:Being alone not exactly the best thing

Me: Could not agree with you more Lahey

Isaac:I didnt see you at the game

Me: Oh yeah well i was there for a minute or two but i had to do some stuff

Isaac:Oh really like what

Me: Im not being mean or anything but what are you doing here anyway derek send you to find out information on something

Isaac:What no i just came to talk or something but if you dont want me here fine i will leave

Me: No i do you want a drink or something

My door bell rings

Me: I will just get that and the drinks are in the fridge

Isaac:Thanks i will just help myself then

Me: Thats an idea

I smile then walk to the door

Me: What are you doing here and who is that

Mum:I told you i would be back

Me:Yeah but you didnt tell me you were bringing someone

Mum:This is Sarah

Me: Hi

Mum:Your Sister

Me: What you have got to be kidding me since when do i have a sister

Isaac:Hey Sophie you need more

He stops and starts walking over to us

Isaac:Who is this

Me: No one i think it will be better if you just go


Me: Just go Isaac please

He just looks at me and leaves

I am going to have to do alot of apologizing

Me:So you want to come in then

Mum:Yes i would like to come into my own home

Me: Its not your home its mine and its been that way for the past 2 years when you abandoned me

Mum:I never intended for you too be alone

Me: I wasnt and i was just fine and i can handle myself

Mum:Its happened hasnt it

Me: What

Mum:You have the gift it has come to you now

Me: What are you on about

Mum:You will find out sooner or later

Me:So this is the reason you have been away for 2 years

Mum:Yes and No there has been other reasons but Sarah is one of them

Me: Well isnt that good i have just found out i have a sister oh and fantastic way of telling me by the way you get back boom this is your sister who i have been more of a mum too then i have you for the past 2 years when you needed me the most well mum welcome home and welcome to beacon hills Sarah

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