My Muse

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My muse as graceful as a daisy

It moves so fast it makes me hazy

The life it holds so strong and pure

There is nothing so obscure

No one No's what it withholds

But it's inspiring wants it unfolds

It reveals itself as a lovely girl

as daziling as a pink pearl

My muse I have found you

and your eyes a deep blue

Who may you be?

Misses wonderie.

How I have waited for your Arrival.

But you eyes making this moment so tribal. Why such a look upon this such a face?

My muse is mute, but still as well cute . Dazziling by sight

A nightmare at night. My muse is no longer graceful

The sight before me is very distasteful

What has happend to the light inside

I guess my muse was not meant to be unwinded.

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