Chapter 12.

Niall's P.O.V.

I woke up and Tegan wasn't in my lap..? I looked around franticly. And there was Tegan curled up with Harry's arms around her. Perfect. That's just perfect. Note the sarcasm.

I scooted over there and waked Harry up.

Dude.! What are you doing.?! I whisper/yelled.

I'm laying with Tegan.. He said. I'm laying with my girlfriend..

Girlfriend.?! Fucking Girlfriend.!!? I said in the same tone as the last.

How the fucking fuck did this happen.!? I said

Well.. Basically she had a bad dream. She asked to lay with me. I agreed and then I asked her for another chance.. And she said yess... Harry said.

When.?! I said. I'm mad. No I'm furious.!!

Uhmm.. 2 or 3:00... He said.

An hour after I fell asleep. I said.

I told you to stay out didn't I.?! I asked.

Yeah.. But I love her.. And she said she loves me.. Harry said.

Okay.. Whatever makes her happy. But if hurt her. I will hurt you. Her and these kids music the band and my family are my life. I said.

Okay.. I'm gonna go back to sleep. Harry said.

Yeah. With your girlfriend.

Okay. Night. I said.

Night Nialler. Tomorrow me and you will go get Nandos. He said.

OKAY.!!(: I said.

Haha. He said and fell asleep.

I sighed and fell asleep.

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