chapter 3~*~ off to go skating~*~

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I woke up on my own for a change and peeked up. i saw my cousin next to me and we were both sleeping on the floor, on our own separate sleeping bags. i turned around to see my white Maltese poodle cuddling with me. i smiled at her as she looked up at me. i giggled and i took my dog and placed it on my cousin's face. my dog started licking her like crazy 'till she woke up.

"huh?" she asked. she scanned the room till she saw Sugar on top of her. she screeched and sent me a death glare. i just remembered. i didn't eat anything besides candy yesterday. which means i'll have to eat a little today.

"i'm gonna get food" i announced. she nodded and stood up.

"get me a granola bar, i'm gonna take a shower" she said.i nodded as i headed downstairs. i found a nature valley granola. i got honey and oats for me and peanut butter for my cousin. i nibbled on my granola bar as i heard the shower running. she finished taking a shower once i finished eating so i ran upstairs. i saw her open the door. she was in jeans and and a grey shirt with a white cardigan. my cousin loved fashion and clothes. i grinned at her.

"nice clothes" i said she smiled back

"thanks, got my breakfast?" she responded as i threw the granola bar at her. she caught it with one hand and unwrapped it.

"skills" she said. i laughed as i walked off to my room

while she nibbled on her granola bar i grabbed my skinny jeans and a black shirt with purple and pink music notes every where. my cousin knows i love music she bought me the shirt for a late birthday present.she lives in Washington, she's visiting for a month. she gave it to me yesterday. i grabbed my under garments and walked to the bathroom.

i turned on the shower and let it run 'till it turned hot. i liked taking long hot showers. i stripped off my clothes and hopped in the shower once it got hot enough. I washed my hair in shampoo and conditioner and put on some body wash. i massaged the soap into my scalp and the rest of my body and then rinsed. after i finished, i brushed my teeth and put lotion all over my body. i slipped on my clothes and let my hair air dry. in case you didn't know, i don't wear make up, let alone know what type of make up is what. i also don't know how to put it on. pathetic yes, but it's the truth. i walked downstairs to find my cousin eating cereal. i stared at her. she doesn't know i'm anorexic. like i said, i don't think i am but my mom and my brother say i do so..yeah. i heard my stomach growl and i saw my cousin cock a eyebrow. that cereal looked so good. i think i'm drooling. it was honey bunches of oats. my favorite. or, one of my favorites.

"nice shirt" she complimented.i grinned.

"you know it!" i exclaimed. she giggled.

"at least your not wearing your basket ball shorts, you always wear those things" she said. i crossed my arms over my chest

"i'll dress how i wanna dress" i stuck my tongue out. she did the same. we both giggled but i kept staring at her food she caught me staring a few seconds later

"arn't you gonna eat some more?" she asked. i fought the urge to say yes but i was fat. i needed to show them i'm not. i needed to lose weight. i looked fat.

"n-n-no" i responded.

"you OK there?" she asked. i nodded and wiped my mouth. she got up and handed me a bowl of cereal.

"i knew you wanted some, don't lie" she said. she forced the cereal in my hands and i gulped, staring at the food. she already put milk in it.

"i-i-i'm good" i said, staring at the food. she shook her head

"your mom told me to make sure you eat for some reason, are you sick?" she asked. i shook my head.

"no" i said and i ate. my taste buds exploded and i dug in my food. darn, right when i was losing weight.

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