I was hanging out with Dez at his house. We were just laying around in the basement. "Ally's mom is in town." I say to Dez.

"Really?" he says. 

"Yup." I sigh. 

"What's wrong buddy?" he asks. 

"Ally's mom really doesn't like me." I say.

He adds, "Does she know you and her are dating?"

"She does now. She saw us kissing." I answer.

He laughs a little, "Did she go crazy?"

"Well she and Ally went into the kitchen, then she went crazy." I explain. 

"That's that good for you." Dez comments.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"Your girl friend's mom, doesn't like you. She can tell Ally to break up with you." he says. 

"Ally is going to break up with me," I stated, "She told her mom she can't tell her who to date. There is no way she's just going to dump me."

"But Ally must want her mom to like you. You're her boyfriend." Dez says, "Maybe you should try change her mom's mind. Make her see you're not that bad." 

"That's a great idea! But, how am I going to do it." what is going to impress that woman. I get a text from Ally saying that she wants me to have dinner with her family. "Dude this is perfect, look." I say handing Dez my phone.

"Cool. At dinner you should show her your awesome manners and how well behaved you are." he says.

"I don't know really any thing about manners." I say.

Dez pats my back, "Don't worry buddy. I'll come with you in the dinner and make sure you do fine."

"Thanks man. I really can't screw up this dinner." I say.

I get home and do home work, mom's orders. When I finish I try to decide what I'm going to wear to this dinner tomorrow Saturday night. Dad comes in, "What are you doing?"

"Trying to figure out what I'm going to wear to a dinner with Ally's parents." I say.

"Oh, it's the whole getting to know the girls parents thing." he chuckles, "I remember when I had to meet your mothers parents. Man the surely chewed me up, and spit me right out." 

"Not helping dad." I sigh, "I really good impression."

"I thought you've already met her dad. Long back before you even dated." he asks.

"Yeah her dad's great. It's her mom and her step dad." I say.

"Ally's parents are divorced?" he says.

"Yeah, I barley found out. Her step dad is okay. But her mom, she's really hard to please. The woman already isn't found of me. If she hates me, she might not let Ally to see me." I know Ally said she won't break up with me, but what if her mom does some thing.

"Relax son. Just let her see, why it is that Ally is crazy about you. Also why you love her so much. Parents first aren't so happy about their kids dating, but they want to see their kids happy as well."

"Thanks dad." I say.

"How about Friday night, you invite Ally for dinner. Just a calm simple dinner." he suggests.

"That sounds great, I'm sure she would be up for that." I say.

Dad goes into my closet and picks out some thing.

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