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Fear pumped through my veins. I remembered everything as soon as I awoke, and I noticed I couldn't see. Or talk. Or move my apendages. The guy with the dark hair flashed through my mind. I had gotten this far, and now I was captured. I couldn't give up now. I gently pressed my wrists against my restraints to test them. Strong. Really strong. I wasn't going to get out easy, but I had to. Wriggling my feet, I felt that it was a bit looser. I'm good with my feet.

"You're bound tight girlie. Don't think of escaping."

I froze. I knew that voice. I just don't know where...

"I'm not here to hurt you. Well, unless you don't cooperate. And, I'm not working for anyone."

Why was he telling me all of this? Was he telling the truth, or lying through his teeth? I couldn't be sure, but-

"God, I hate feeling like I'm being ignored."

With that, I felt the cloth crammed in my mouth undo, and I could talk again. I swivel my jaw around a bit to make sure I can still feel it. The guy started laughing to himself.

"You're kind of cute you know that?"

He laughed again and I asked him what he meant by that. I might've sounded a little demanding though.

"Wow. You've just been kidnapped, and that's the first thing you ask? You're wierd too. But that's okay I guess."

"Answer my question."

 I was tempted to ask him a more relevant question, but I highly doubt he would answer it, so I continued my silence. Music slowly began to pour through the speakers, and I heard his fingers tapping to the beat. Thinking hard, I tried yet again to remember. Where have I heard that voice? That was not the man who kidnapped me in public. He had a rough voice, almost like he was on the verge of losing it. This guys was more melodious, with a hint of laughter behind everything he said. His voice came from beside me, so there had to be a driver. I wasn't sure if there were other people in the car, so I was a little nervous. I was going to make my move whenever we reached our destination, and someone took my blindfold.

"So, what have you been up to?"

The recognizable voice spoke again. Was he seriously asking that? Did he think I would answer? I wasn't sure why, but I found it very unsettling he was treating this so lightly. Hair prickled on the back of my scalp(or what was left of my hair) as I sat up straighter. The car stopped, and then rumbled as the engine turned off. Without taking my blindfold off, someone gripped the crook of my elbow, and I tensed.

"You're fine sweetheart. Like I said, I don't want any trouble."

I obeyed silently, not wanting to raise suspcions about my next move. Wind whipped past my face, and after a walk up what felt like concrete, a wave of heat washed over me, and in place of conctrete I felt something like marble.

"Okay princess, here we are. Nothing special, just something to stay the night in."

I heard the wink in that comment, and before I was completly ready, the blindfold slipped from my eyes. Immediatly accessing my surroundings, I don't hestiate to kick hard behind me. Hearing a whoosh of air, I knew I atleast knocked the breath out of someone. Two other beefy men where present, seeming surprised, but ready to take me on. They both had dark hair, cropped army style.I didn't see the man who kidnapped me on the street. Not wanting to take any chances, I turned to run, to find the man who spoke to me in the car already on his feet. His fist impacted with my nose, and I heard a crack as I fell to the marble. White heat shot through my face, and the man who hit me had pinned down my arms, his knees over my thighs. Refusing to whimper, I bit my tongue way too hard.

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