Rihanna Meets...HIM!

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  • Dedicated to Drake and Rihanna

Everybody leaves the hospital. Rihanna is so thankful she is alive. On her way out of the hospital, she sees this amazing cute guy. Could that be? "Drake," she says. He turns his head and they start talking. Before Rihanna knew it, she had a date tomorrow night at seven. She was so happy. He was her friend in middle school. She had a secret crush on him before and now here they were going to have a date tomorrow night at seven. Oh how glad she was.

She thought to herself where will I get ready? What will I where? Oh my gosh, what will I do? Joselyn came and told Rihanna "Don't you worry your getting ready at my house and you'll wear that super cute dress I bought you as a thank you for saving my kids gift."

Rihanna thought again to herself "Did I say anything out loud?" Then she asked Joselyn "What dress?"

Joselyn answer "This one." Rihanna was filled with joy. This was the dress she has been wanting for weeks, maybe months. "I'm speachless Joselyn, thank you."

On Saturday afternoon, around two, Rihanna grabbed Joselyn's curling iron, curled her hair. Then she slipped on the gorgeous dress and the door bell rings. She yells, "That's Drake, I got it." She answers the door. He takes her to Golden Corral. They have the most amazing time together. He took her to the top of the Hollywood sign and they sat there. He slowly leaned closer to her and kissed her slowly. It was the most romantic first kiss for her with Drake. He asked her if she was willing to go on a second date, she agreed and they went on alot of dates and then he told her that he wanted her to take a trip with him to Paris, France. She had to think about it and then she finally chose to.

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