I jogged over the door since Omega started to head butt it, pushing her back with my foot as I opened it. Drew blowing into his hands, coming in.

"Jesus, she sounds like a freaking bulldozer from outside." shutting the door before she could  run out.

I sighed, looking to her, whining and jumping up on him. Drew giving her the attention and petting her, sending her to the ground on her back.

"Yeah." I grumbled, crossing my arms. "So what's up?"

"I'm bored out of my fucking mind. Aly took Nicole with her, going to lunch with some girlfriends." He rolled his eyes, standing up and unzipping his coat.

I bent over and picked up Omega since she didn't want to move after she was on her back, holding her like a baby. God, she was big for a yearling. I groaned, carrying to her to the living room. "How come you didn't go with her?"

"Her friends are so annoying." He huffed, hearing him behind me. Omega twisted in time, setting her on her couch. "Is there beer in the fridge?"

"Is there condoms in my dresser?" I remarked, plopping down beside her.

He snorted. "Alright, smart ass." disappearing into the kitchen.

"Get me one too!" I called, scratched behind my ear. Not used to the feeling of hair growing out now, being short for so long. Debating if I wanted it cut short again or not, Omega stretched and rolled onto her back along my lap. Giving a look of rub me! which made me laugh and rubbing her tummy, closing her eyes in heaven. Drew came from the other way, handing mine.

"Where's your woman at?" He sighed, laying out on the sofa.

I took a swig, giving him a look as I swallowed. "Her classes but I think she was going to lunch with that Laney girl from work, I don't know. " I shrugged.

"Ashley couple days ago." Drew tilted his head to the side with a smirk.

"Oh god."

"Don't worry, I didn't answer her."

I shook my head, taking a swig, running my tongue along my teeth. "What a bitch." sighing it out.

"Yeah." Drew agreed, suddenly perking up. "Todd wants to know if you wanna have a guy night tonight and no, not up the butt stuff. I'm totally down for it."

"Sure...where we going?"

"To our childhood hideout." Drew suddenly grinned.

"That place is still there?" I blinked, shocked.

He laughed out-loud. "Yeah, I know right. Todd called me the other day and said it was, no one hasn't been there in years. The shoes he threw after the rafters are still there!" He pointed out.

"Oh my god, I completely forgot about that. Ryan just got those shoes, jesus, he was so pissed." I shook my head, setting my beer on the coffee table. "Good times."

"Oh yeah, mine and your first place where we got high. Our manly den, everything. Everytime you ran away, if not your aunt's house nor mine; you would be there." He smirked.

"My dad didn't know about was perfect. Just far away." I shrugged, "Alright, let me get something on."

"Yeah, who the fuck walked around the house in gym shorts?" He teased.

"Who walks around in their boxers?" I teased back.

He turned his head away, closing his eyes. "Psh, not me."

I rolled my eyes, getting up. "Yeah, alright."



The radio replaced our voices as the lights flashed upon the old abandon factory, spotting a corner of Todd's car behind a huge willow tree. Seeing a green 2012 jeep on the right of it behind the tree when we got closer. Seeing a acid green motorcycle behind some bushes. Parking beside him and getting out, locking it. Shocking my keys in my back pocket, catching in the action of pulling his pants up as he came around.

"I'm guess it's a party." Drew gestured to the motorcycle.

"Ryan?" I guessed.

"He has couple but I've never seen that one." He shook his head.

I shrugged, walking toward the old place. It was full of so many memories, I couldn't help but not smile; giving into and letting it out. Shoving my hands into my front pockets, Drew nudging me in the ribs.

"Remember when we raced Ryan's motorcycles here?" He grinned.

"Yeah." I snorted, "You almost rolled his brand new around that sharp turn."

"Yeah." He sighed, "Fucking great time."

"Hey, bitches!" We heard Todd but was no where in sight. Looking up finally, seeing him lean out the window with a cigar in his mouth. "You guy didn't bring anything, that's depressing. Hurry on up, were doing some archery right now." He toyed a bigger grin, letting the window fall shut; shattering. Moving out from it falling path of the shards, hearing someone yelling his name. Todd yelling back at them, Drew punched my shoulder.

"Come on, last one is a pussy." He booked it.

I grinned, "You fucker." I laughed, running after him. Once inside, you could hear music echoing from the overlooking office. Drew grabbing the stair railing, sliding around across the dust covered floors and ran up the stairs. I slid easily along the ground, running up on after. The music was clearing up, sounding like dance music. Getting to the office, both of us were out of breath from the 3 flight of stairs. Drew punched me in the same arm, "You pussy!" he laughed, giving him the bird and standing up. Ryan aim at a sack of potatoes against the wall, seeing they had pictures taped to them. Both him and Todd had a cigars in their mouths, Todd noticed us first. Shooting us a playful grin.

"The little girls are here." He walked over to a table, now seeing Conner was dealing out cards.

"Conner?" I laughed, pointing at him. Seeing he was a green visor, Todd pointed towards him.

"He's a dealer for the night."

"What's going on?" We wondered closer, Ryan letting go. He always had good aim, getting whoever that was taped on the sack right between the eyes. He turned to us with aviators, leaning back on his right foot.

"Party, babes."

"In this place?....there's only five of us." Drew laughed weakily

Conner opened his mouth a loud car horn stopped him, he flashed a pearly smiled. "That was only a few seconds ago."

I couldn't help but smile, walking towards him. "Give me a cigar."


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