There's No Running From You (Sequel to That's Just How It Goes)

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So this is the sequel to That's Just How It Goes because I got a lot of requests from it so you know. My friend helped me with the plot and now here is your story! Okay here we go! Oh by the way if you are just reading this book and you don't understand things, keep in mind it's a sequel so it won't make a whole lot of sense. Okay cool alright bye now!


Taylor Heydon. That's me. I had just gotten away from Adam and Dustin Kales. I had fallen in love with these to completely opposite brothers and didn't know what to do. So I ran. I gave up on both of them. Now I'm here at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I had finally left those two. Adam had really broken my heart and I found myself seriously falling for Dustin. I don't know who I would of chosen honestly because I had a connection with both of them.

I shook my head to get rid of those thoughts from my mind so I can focus on my first class of the day: Home Ec. I sat down in my seat and drew in and out a breath to let it all out. I am so happy I can finally be who I want to be. The students slowly began to fill in and I smiled in happiness as the teacher walked in and began talking about the home and what to do and not to do, and of course what to expect in her class this year. Just as my mind was slowly easing the door opened and revealed one of the two boys I had been trying to escape. Dustin Kales walked into the classroom, looking as though he had woken up only 5 minutes ago. He gulped as the teacher narrowed her eyes at him.

"Why are you late and what is your name?" She snapped.

"Dustin Kales, and I overslept." He said and she sighed.

"Take a seat. Be prepared next time." She says and he nods. He turns his attention to the almost full classroom and his eyes land on me. I bite my lip and he seems surprised to see me. He takes a seat behind me and I can feel his eyes on the back of my head. Willing for me to just turn around. When we were dismissed almost two hours later, I was sprinting out the door. Hell all I wanted was to get away from him, but no! God obviously had other plans! Dustin grabbed my wrist and spun me around.

"Taylor." He breathed out and my brown eyes connected with his dark blue eyes. I gulped and turned my head away from him.

"Dustin I don't want to talk to you." I said as I felt my eyes begin to water.

"We need to talk. You realize that don't you?" He asks me and I just push him away from me, making sure to get some space between our bodies.

"I have nothing to say to you Dustin."

"Maybe you'll talk to me?" I turned to see Adam standing there, his brown hair tosseled and his clear blue eyes holding my own hostage.

"Listen maybe some other time we can get together and talk about everything, but until then just please..." I trailed off and suddenly felt like I just needed to get the hell away from there. "I need to go." I say and sprint to my jeep on the edge of the parking lot. I climb in and drive back to my apartment I'm renting with my friend Megan. When I got through the front door she looked up in surprise. She was sitting in the kitchen making god knows what. She isn't exactly the top chef she would like to be, and god I hope I don't have to try what ever is in that pot.

"Whoa you look pale." Megan commented, coming across the room to take a better look.

"Yeah well, I just ran into Adam and Dustin." I say and she looks at me, shock written across her face.

"Did they stalk you?!" She screams and I can't help but laugh at her outburst.

"I don't know but they are at my college and I don't know what to do! Chances are I'll just fall for them again and have my heart broken." I say with a groan and Megan nods in understanding. She picks up the phone and orders a pizza as she realizes what ever she was making is not edible. I'm happy once I get my pizza, but I still wonder...what will I do if I see them again?

There is your sequel! Happy? Check out my other books if you like this one! Thanks all! :)

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