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I made my way up stairs to the backroom which was my and unfortunatley, Avery's also..

The room was just enough to share with a beast like Avery. There was only one window.

"Dibs on the window side!" Avery shouted before I could claim it. I guess I wasn't getting any fresh air...

"Better luck next time!" She said with a smirk on her face.

When I finished unpacking,and putting posters on the wall and finished my bed, I took out my Apple laptop and started playing games and listened to music while Avery finished her side of the room. I looked over at her and she was bent over getting somthing out of her bag.Her hair reached just above ehr ass. She looked nice. If she wasn't such a bitch and argued about everything, I would actually like to talk to her...

" Are you gonna quit staring at me?" She snapped. I stared too long!

"Avery....Theres nothing over there I want to look at. Your not special so stop telling yourslef that." I snapped at her, catching her by suprise.

"My poor excuse of parents fucked me up. What do you want me to do? I have nothing better to do than to tell my self that." She muttered, her big brown eyes watered up.

"Well.. That sounds like a YOU problem. You can go take care of all that life bull shit in the bathroom."

Avery left slowly and slammed the door behind her.



Mom!! get daddy please. I cried into her shirt. He pulled me away from her leaving blood on her shirt.from where dad punched me. I hate living like this. She promised me he would stop. Then he gave her more drugs.

"C'mon Avery, give it up. You do it every night with other guys. I want some too. I promise to stop hitting you so much...". This asshole is with my mom! She dosen't even care.

"Screw you!"

"yes thats what I want."

" Never will I EVER." He smacked me and dragged me upstairs. He ripped my clothes off and threw me onto the bed.

" Guess I am gonna take it for free." I pleaded as much as I could. It was too late. He thrusted and groaned and sweated until he finished. He got up and threw some pills at me.

" If I see your stomach get any bigger, you and your mom will be sorry. Your mom is waiting downstairs for her stuff. I'll be back for more." And he left. I curled up into a ball until I went to sleep.

End flashback. Back to oli

We finally got chinese food for dinner and we just sat and ate watching t.v. Avery threw her chopstick at me, hitting my fresh new gauge.

"Fuck Avery! Mom! Did you not just see that?" I screamed in pain.

"No sweetie. What happend?" Mom said slowly. She soundt so tired.

"Alice, the chopstick accidentally slipped out of my hands when i was getting the food into my mouth." She said sweetly.

"Yea, that's not the only thing you put in your mouth..." I muttered.

She threw the other chopstick at me.

"Avery! fucking stop! your getting on my fucking nerves! I'ts bad enough I have to share my room with you!"

"Oli! It was an accident!" My mom said trying to calm me down.

"ACHOO! Sorry mom, I'm allergic to bullshit."

"Language!" Andy and mom both said.

"Stop trying to act like my dad Andy. Because your NOT. My dad is a one of a kind." I said proudly.

"No wonder he killed himself..." I heard Avery murmer to herself.

That was the fuck it. I couldn't keep it in anymore.

"Avery, SHUT THE FUCK UP! Your the fucking adopted one! Your mom didn't care, that's why she put you up for adoption. And your dad? He's the only person who saw you for what you are. A whore." I spat in her face and pushed her against the wall. I couldn't stand her and she wasn't going to keep getting away wit her bullshit.

"Oliver! How could you say such things? Your grounded!" Andy shouted at me.


Andy looked at mom and mom turned to me and scolded at me.


I could not believe what the hell I was hearing She fucking heard it too!

" Stop acting like their puppet mom! You know you heard it too! I saw it in your fucking face! I know you miss him too! I alwasy hear you cry yourself to sleep!"

I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes but I didn't care. I was standing for myself.

She stopped. Andy stood up and held onto her hand.

"Oliver. Your hearing no cries. That's her screaming out my name every night." He smirked and kissed her ear.

"GO TO FUCKING HELL!" I screamed in his face and ran to my room. I cried mself to sleep awaiting another bullshit day with my disgusting family.

**********Next Morning**********

I woke up to mom's fresh coffee and cooking. So I put on a BVB shirt and a BVB hoodie with some black skinny jeans. Of course I had to add some bracelets and black and white gauges.

"Morning," I mumbled.

No replies. Well excuse fucking me.

"Screw you guys then. Mom, can I have some coffee?"

She looked up at me. I could not believe my eyes. She had a black eye.

"Oliver, you can get the coffee yourself." Andy responded.

"And YOU can mind your fucking business." I spat.

"Oliver-" Mom started.

I already knew who she got it from. And he was going to fucking pay for that.

I didn't say anything about it. Yet.

Avery came downstairs with a tight white top on and blue skinnies and a bunch of ofundation.

"I didn't know lived with a clown."

"Good morning to you too." She rolled her eyes.

"Oliver, say good morning to your sister and you need to apologize for what you said to her yesterday." Andy suggested.



I laughed. "Are you demanding from me? I'm not apologizing for anything because I didn't start it. If your retarded asses could see, she threw her chopsticks at me. And then she talked about my dad. That's a no go zone."

"Well, Oliver he's dead now so get over it." Andy spat at me.

"Well, unlike some people in this house, I actually cared about my father. I wasn't a failed abortion like two other humans in this house. So, Avery is gonna have to suck it the fuck up because Oliver August DOES NOT APOLOGIZE."

And I went back upstairs to get my school stuff. I was ready to leave that fucking hell hole.

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