The Gladiator Games OH HOLD

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The Gladiator Games

Summary: Kiara Montgomery lived a normal life. She went to high school in a normal city. She hung out with normal friends. And then one day, all that changed.

An inhumanly strange lady appears from Kiara’s closet, stating she is Kiara’s trainer. Trainer for what, you may ask? The Gladiator Games. Games held every that are played for the whole city of Olympus, including the Gods and Goddesses. Every year, they select twelve boys and girls with Godly strength, intelligence and skills to compete and fight to the death for the title of Gladiator for the Gods.

Winning means Godly fame, status and riches. Losing means death.


If you asked me yesterday what I thought of my parents, I would have said that they were normal and that they gave birth to be sixteen years ago.

If you asked me yesterday what I did for a living, I would’ve said I laid around everyday after school with no desire to get a job.

If you asked me yesterday where I lived, I would have said Earth.

I never would have thought there was more to me than what I saw or what I knew. But obviously I was blinded. Because one day changed my whole life.

Yesterday, I found out I was a descendant of the Greek Gods. And that I was chosen to fight to the death for the title of Gladiator, to become a protector of Olympus.

My name is Kiara Montgomery, and I was chosen for the Gladiator Games.

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