Chapter 12...

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"NICOLE!" Someone yelled behind me. I turned around and saw Nstausha running towards me. "Hey" i mumbled.

"Are you mad at me?" Nstausha asked. I slowly shook my head. "No" i said quietly. "Oh thank god!" Nstausha said. She pulled my arm, leading me to an empty table. I sat down and she sat next to me. " see..the reason why i-"

"Its okay" i interuppted. I looked at her and flashed a fake smile. She stared at me. "Oh thank you!!" she exclamied, hugging the mess outta me. I looked out the corner of my eye and saw Rayan walking towards the table.

Nstausha let go and looked at him like he was crazy. "Errrr. What you doin?" she asked, one eyebrow raised. Ray sighed. "The principal told ,me to sit over here" he said. He looked at me and frowned.

He sat down and stared at his food. "Dammmnnnn" Nstausha said, laughing. I looked at her. "Whats so funny?" ray asked.

"AHA! Nicole got you gooood! Got daannnnnng! LOOK AT THAT MARK ON YO FACE!" she squealed, almost choking on her food. I looked at ray's face.

I have to admit, that is funny. I put my hand over my mouth to kepp me from laughing. "Isnt it funny nicole?!" Nstausha questioned, laughing hard and slapping the table. Ray looked at me, his eyes serious as ever.

I didnt say anything. I just sat there. "You lucky i cant hit back" he said," If i could, id beat the shit outta you"

Nstausha slapped ray on the back of his head. "Look you niggatar. Dont ever. And i mean EVER say that to MY friend. Or you'd be the one getting fucked up aight?!" she yelled.

Ray nodded quickly. He turned towards me and mouthed 'bis

I looked at Nstausha. "He called me a bitch" i said.

"YOU SNITCH!" Ray yelled. Nstausha's eyes widened. "Oh heck naw" she said. She grabbed ray by his braids and pulled him by her. "Meet me in the 5:00 SHARP!...If you dont show up......thats your life..GOT IT!"

Ray swallowed and nodded. "Im bringin' my belt too! Old school beatin my nigga!" she she gritted. She pushed him away from her and looked at me. "Dont worry Nicole..I got him!"

I blinked.



I walked to my seat and plopped down in my chair. Everyone was staring at me, like i was the new girl or something. I put my books down, trying to avoid the fact that i was literally stalked. I placed a paper on my desk and started scribbling circles, acting like i was busy.

"Miss Gates" the teacher said. I looked up. "Yes ma'am?"

"Did you have a pass?"

I raised my eyebrow. " not late to class" i said. "According to you. Our clock is different Nicole.." the teacher said. . I held in my breath, trying not to sigh and show attitude. She went over to my desk and slapped down a silent lunch slip."Learn not to be late to class" she said, walking back to the front with her back turned from me.

I put the slip in my pocket and sunk even lower in my seat. I heard giggles behind me,but i ignored them.


I looked at the clock.


I groaned and tapped my feet impatiently. I got my books from under my desk and laid them on the desk. "Its not time to go yet dumb ass" Craig whispered to me. I ignored him.


"Class dismissed! Remember to make that crossword puzzle!" the teacher explained. I quickly rose from my seat and quickly walked out the class room. "Nicole! Nicole!" i heard Nstausha yell behind me. I turned to her. "Are you bus rider today?" she asked, catching ger breath. I nodded. She sighed. "Oh" she muttered. "Well, i'll see you tomorrow" she said. She hugged me then ran over to where the boys were.

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