A Diggy Simmons Love Story

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      "No!" im not going over there Destiny

"Dymon you needa get up and go say something to Daniel this is a one in lifetime chance for most girls" Destiny Exclaimed.

"okay okay okay!"

I was so scared Diggy was lookin fine tonight. I didnt expect him to be at a damn taco bell late at night he kept glancing at me and smiling. I wa so nervous so i walked back over to my table" I could see that Destiny was pissed and i thought for a second that she might just go over there herself and talk to him but she didnt. She was in a 2 year relationship with jaden and a very odd one but,their still going strong.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Destiny hissed.

"What"?! i couldnt do it! i was scared! he just looked at me and smiled...

As i was talking i felt a gentle tap on my shoulder i didnt expect that. i turned around and froze in a complete stand still...

Hi sweetheart i noticed you from across the room and your smile is all in my head.

i stood there in silence until destiny nudged me. to say something breaking my silence i finally said..

"oh hi" i couldnt really say much i was so nervous. spin blurted HELLO are you okay? diggy stood in silence waiting for me to say something when he finally just said "hahaha how about we go over there and talk a little bit more away from them...?

Destiny blurted "whats that suppose to mean im cockblockin i mean yall niggas just met its not like yall are about to fuck."?

spin tagged along "IM SAYIN"

"haha look i just wanna talk to your grl a lil bit more to get to know here i mean if thats okay with her?

"oh umm yea sure" i said. "great" he replied

destiny and spin decided to talk as well but not like that. spin said something to offend her and as usual she went off and poured half of the bottle of ketchup on his white polo shirt. he quicky ran out of the resturant and yelled "GIRLL YOU CRAZY"

as me and diggy laughed destiny enjoyed the rest of her food and went to the car to apologize to spin. i couldnt believe i was actually talking to diggy ive met him a couple of times and have been backstage and at meet and greets at his concerts but it was a quick "HI!" and on to the next girl. we talked for 2 whole hours about ANY AND EVERYTHING! and we fiinally closed the night he walked me to his car to say his goodbyes

'I really enjoyed our conversation i would love to take you on a date and learn more about you" digy exclaimed

"i would love that" "great maybe this could be a new chapter for me" diggy uttered. he gently kissed me on the cheek and walked to his car as he opened the car i heard spin say "NIGGA WHAT TOOK YOU SO GOT DAMN LONG"

i gave out a small laugh and quickly got into the car to go home......

CHAPTER 2 (a happy couple)

 Dymon... i heard diggy say in the softest whisper you awake babe? i slowly rolled over to face hime "yess babe i am" he quickly grabbed my closer to him and snuggled comfortabley into me. "good baby i was getting lonely" " why babe"? i exclaimed "because i watched my beautiful girlfriend sleep and i wanted to wake you so i could hear your beautiful voice as well" i gave him a huge smile and he kissed me on the lips a delicate and small kiss that lingered we had gotten closer and he took is shirt off "babe why are you taking your shirt off?" i exclaimed "because its way more comfortable without it" okay. i said as we had gotten comfortable he got up from bed and took his pants and underwear off and got back in bed I GASPED! "DIGGY"? "yess sweetheart"? "nevermind" i smiled and did the same.

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