My Angel

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"I said no onions! Is that too hard for you to comprehend?"

I took a deep breath. "Sir-"

"No. I demand the manager-"

I rolled my eyes and slapped my fists down on the glassy table, looking the customer square in the eye.

"Look, if you have a problem with the way I'm serving you, then you can tell the cook how you feel, because I didn't make your stupid hamburger, and you sure as hell didn't tell me you were allergic to onions."

The man's jaw dropped at my tone.

"Whoa, Reya." I turned at my name, and stood nose to nose with Vanessa, my best friend/co-worker. Her shiny white nails gripped my shoulders and she smiled at the customer in a friendly way.

"I'm so sorry! Reya, here, is... uh, on special medication." Vanessa held her hand up, like what can you do?

She shot me a why must you offend the customers look and led me away.

Vanessa pulled me into kitchen and sighed.

Her cocoa eyes locked mine, and we stared at each other in silence. Then we burst out laughing.

"Did you see his face?" Vanessa giggled.

Her now happy face was beautiful, with cocoa skin and deep brown eyes, sharply playing against her pearly white set of teeth as she smiled.

"He was being such a jerk to me over some stupid onions on his stupid hamburger." I emphasized stupid as I talked.

" I know, and it was hilarious, but still. You'll get yourself fired if you keep being rude to customers" she told me, now serious again.

I shrugged and she pulled her chocolate curls into a high ponytail, then did the same for me.

"You look so... sophisticated." Vanessa reminded me sarcastically, straightening her waist apron, and pulling a pen and pad from her black jeans.

" Thank you?"

"Anyway," she glanced at her watch, "We get off in twenty minutes, so pull through and we'll get dinner with Jacob later."


" If you try not to make any more customers angry, it's on me."

"I'll try, but only because of dinner." I joked and waved over my shoulder as I flung the kitchen doors open and walked through.

"See you in twenty!" Vanessa called as the doors shut

I did a thumbs up, walked back to where the customer was sitting, and put on a straight, sincere face.

* * *

"Are you serious?" I asked, laughing hard.

"Yes!" Vanessa replied. She popped a tomato into her mouth. "Oh my god, she was all like, 'Yeah, so just stay away from him okay?!' and I was-" Vanessa began to dive deeper into insulting the poor girl, when Jacob cut her off.

"Your such a werdio Vanessa!" he exclaimed loudly.

"I am not!"

"Are so."

"Am not."


I silenced Jacobs annoying comeback by shoving another slice of pizza in his mouth.

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