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Alexis (pov)

I was walking down the street to nando's , when i bumped someone causing them to spill they're food on me . " oh sorry i wasn't looking were i was going " i said i looking up and saw the cutest  boy ever with the cutest blue eyes. " let me buy  you a refill" i said

" no its OK " he said "  no i want to" taking his hand to nando's . " hi can i have a refill  and a salad please" asking the lady . She handed the meal to me . i asked the boy with  the cute  blue eyes " are you gonna leave or  gonna stay here with me " " i really wanna stay here with you ' the boy with blue eyes said i blushed like a idiot " so why don;t you tell me about your self " he said " well I'm Alexis I'm 18 years old i liking eating and shopping you know normal girl stuff " you say in a quiet voice " oh well I'm Niall I'm 19 years old i love nando's , i have the awesomest best friends there's Harry ,Liam ,zayn, Louis . I'm in a band you might know that already" he said in a loud voice but quiet in the same time " yea i know your in one direction that awesome band" i said fast  . he giggled  i blushed

" so when can i see you again " Niall suggested  " well i work at a bakery its called kelly's bakery you can visit me there " oh well where is it" Niall said  "its  a block away from the tipton hotel " oh sweet  i'm staying at the tipton hotel " Niall said " awesome I'm staying there too my parents work there "

 "can i see your phone ?" i gave him my phone and i saw him typing in it then when he left. my phone rang and wmyb started to play  i saw it was a text message i saw the collar I.D it read Niall the nandos lover i laughed  i read the text message it said  " i put my number in your phone i hope you don't mind  can you come  to room 1B  that's where i'm staying i wanna introduce you to my friends :) xxx niall " . As i walked out of nando's  i kept reading text  message that Niall sent me and kept thinking what to text back so i text ed " no problem i'll be there in ten '

 i walked into my apartment and went to my room picked some skinny jeans  a tank top that says PINK in big letters i put them on fast and walked/skipped to Niall's apartment  as  i was walking sept in a toy laying there in the middle of the hallway i looked down to my feet and i saw i had no shoes on i went to my apartment and put some high tops and skipped to Niall's apartment i knocked then i heard voice so loud saying " Alexis is here "

then the door opened a boy with curly brown hair was standing there "well I'm guessing your Alexis "      he said in a flirty voice i said yea " come in Niall is in the loo " i came in scared not knowing what to do. then as i sat down in a black chair Niall came out of the bathroom "hey Alexis how you doing love" i blushed and said fine and you " he said good because your here  i giggled 

then the curly hair boy came in with 3 other boys  " these are my best friends ' Let us introduce our self ' the boy curly hair said   " I'm harry nice to meet you Alexis "   " nice to meet you too i said  " then a boy with dark brown  came up to me and said" i'm Zayn  how are you " "good " then a boy with a striped shirt came up to me : i'm Louis do you carrots ?" um yea there good .." i said quietly  then Louis said : oh i like her " i blushed like a Lil girl  . then  a tall boy  came up to me and said " I'm Liam" sticking his hand in my face . i grabbed and i shaked it . then Niall said in a loud voice don't kill her  Liam . i laughed 


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(niall's pov)

"what do you think ? are they nice ? "  i asked alexis " yea they are funny " she said with a giggle her giggle made me giggle too . " so would you like to go on a date " i saw alexis blush " sure i would love to" my heart started to skip a beat from her answer i was so happy . So when i got back from walking alexis to her apartment i started to think what the perfect date,so and i asked liam " hey liam can you help me plan a perfect date with alexis ? " " um sure how  about dinner then a boat ride in the lake ,like i did with danielle " " i forgot about dani  how is she? " " shes fine " liam told with a fake  and dumb voice . so decide to stick with the dinner and boat ride.

alexis pov

when niall dropped me off at my apartment ( well just walked to my apartment) i grabbed my ipod and started to play 'want u back' by cher lloyd and thinking about what Niall asked me ' what if i be weird and then he wont like me ' my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my  door i opened it.....

chapter 2 

the date 

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(liam pov)

i walked to alexis falt  , i knocked softly , nothing happened i knocked alittle harder  then the door opened slowly and  alexis was standing there smiling  " hi " 

" um hi alexis you left your purse in our niall flat " " oh thank you liam your such a gentlemen" i blushed 

" well i should get going " i said in a low voice      ......... " wait "i heard alexis say. " yeah  love "  " im scared niall wont like me " i sigined " alexis niall talks about nonstop " i saw alexis blush i chuckled  " i loves you more than food" i heard alexis awe

(alexis pov)

i awed when liam told niall loved me more than food .." well i should get going " liam signed i nodded and just like that he left

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*next day 

Alexis pov

*beep *beep *beep i heard my alarm beep as loud as a tunder storm ! i woke up and headed to the shower and took a shower  put on white jeans a pink shirt  that said " dream out loud " , i put on my  my jordans and went to work  i was lazy to go i had to i didnt why i agreed to this , oh i yeah i remember i saw a cute boy working there turns out hes gay that sucked wasted my time ._. . opened the door and heaed out i walked for about 5 minutes cuase the shop was a short walk . i walked in and saw...............

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alexis pov

i was walking to the shop and saw my ex boyfriend Eddy he had blue eyes , brown hair , hee was fit but he was a man whore he would go out with every girl he saw and he used for a grade in math he used to good grade who does that

i walked in not to be noticeable  but he saw me he came up to me with a big smile on his face 

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