WTF IS HAPPENING?!!?!?!????!??!

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Jamie's PoV

"Alright, go find Nash and Ian and tell them we need him to go record." Ryan ordered as we walked into the Keaggy household.

"Will do." I said, jogging upstairs. I knew for a fact where Ian was and had an idea where Nash was. I found Ian, who was awake and dressed, told him what was happening, then walked to Sunday's room.

"Sunny...?" I said quietly, opening the door up. I found Nash... And something else. He and Sunday were in bed together. Nash was shirtless, and Sunny was as well. Pants-less, too. They were both fast asleep, tangled up in each other.

"Ian..." I rasped. "IAN!"

"What?" he asked. He walked over to where I was and his eyes widened to see Nash and Sunday half naked in bed together.

"NASH LINDEN MILLER OVERSTREET! GET YOUR FUCKING ASS UP!" Ian yelled, looking like he was about to have an aneurym. Nash jolted up.

"Wh-what?!" Nash exclaimed, looking around. He saw Sunday in her lacy bra and panties sleeping next to him. "What the fuck happened last night..?" he asked himself.

"What the real fuck, Nash?!" Ian exclaimed. "Did you have sex with my sister!? That's crossing so many lines!!"

"I didn't!" Nash said hastily.


Sunday suddenly rolled over and grabbed Nash by the ear then yanked him back down.

"Shut the fuck up or I'll kill you." she said in an Exorcist-like voice. It was scary as hell, and her appearance made it even scarier. Her white hair fell in front of her face, her voice sounded like she'd just gargled marbles, and from what I could see of her face, her black makeup was running and smudged.

"Sunday, what the shit is going on?!" Ian questioned.

"I have a hangover. Nash and I didn't fuck. That's all. Now, LET ME FUCKING SLEEP!!" she sat up suddenly, her voice shooting up five octaves. She still sounded posessed. I fled the room and ran back downstairs to Ryan.

"Is everything okay?" he asked.

"Sunday is terrifying!" I exclaimed.

Ian's PoV

"I don't care what you have to say, Nash, just get dressed, we're going to the studio." I sighed. I can't believe he would do that. I expected them to be all kissy n' shit, but not this, not this early. I walked downstairs, got myself some coffee, then got in my car and pouted. I thought back to when Sunday was fifteen and had her first boyfriend. I hated that mother fucker more than anything. He'd grope her in public, he'd disrespect her. Dad ended up getting so pissed at him that he hit Sunday's boyfriend with his car. I chuckled at the memory of the staisfied feeling I had when I saw the dumbass run away like a little pansy.

Right about now, I was in the mood to hit Nash with a car. I shoved my key in the ignition and drove off to the studio, fuming.

"Sunday's a grown woman." I chanted. "She's grown up, she's grown up, she's grown up." I didn't want to believe it. I don't care if we're only 17 seconds apart, she's my younger sister and I feel the need to protect her. I could only imagine what the fahk Nash made her do last night. Kinky little whore. I shuddered at the thought and kept driving. I got to the studio and saw Jamie, Ryan, and Nash standing there warming up and tuning their instruments.

"You've broken so many Bro Codes, dude." I said to Nash, picking up my bass.

"Ian!" Ryan exclaimed. "Drop it! She's not a kid anymore!"

"That's my little sister!"

"She's twenty three!" Nash retorted. "And the two of you are seventeen seconds apart! I didn't have sex with your sister, we got drunk, and fell asleep. I don't know why she wasn't wearing clothing, I was asleep. So, I'm sorry you think I broke the Bro Code, but I didn't."

I sighed, knowing he was right.

"Alright, I'll let this one slide." I caved. "But when you and my sister do... It, make sure it's not in my house."

"Ian, I would never do that." he said. "You're one of my best friends." I smiled then patted his head and we got to recording.

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