story of my life: chapter 4

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chapter 4

'your hair looks better up' mum said whilst experimenting with my hair, and putting it into a bun. prom was tomorrow and i still didnt know what i was going to do with my hair. luckily my mum is a hairdresser so she had creative ideas for both me and Nadia. 'Yeah, well im having mine down, ok.' Nadia shouted from the kitchen. we were in mum's salon, next to the kitchen experimenting with different hairstyles. 'of course she's having it down' mum murmered after Nadia. i let out a slight giggle, but then stopped from the sound of the doorbell. it was Sibeal. 

Sibeal is Nadia's best friend, and was also getting her hair done by my mum,so has come over for a practice. i hate Sibeal. She transferred from Ireland, to Australia 3 years ago and her and Nadia have been best friends ever since.  She also likes Jai, alot. She will NOT leave him alone, i mean, constant texts after texts and even going to his school during lunch and break to see him. he hates her. he tries his hardest to avoid here, but she is always there. she's like a mosquito. every time you try to squash or get rid of her, she comes back 10 times quicker, and lingers on longer. the first time i met Sibeal was when nadia bought her over for dinner in 8th grade. She came over in her gucci school bag, short skirt and buttons undone on her shirt, showing off alot of clevage. i know it was only grade 8, but she's a slut. as soon as she walked in the house with her long black hair, me and my mum just looked at each other, jaws touching the floor. Sibeal walked in chewing gum, like a retarded cow, leaning on one leg and her designer bag hanging off her forearm. we couldn't believe our eyes. Nadia, somewhat similar to Sibeal, but much more reserved, bought an animal home. mum has always been layed back so just let Nadia get on with but deep down everyone knows, even Sibeal, that she doesnt like her. The second time i met Sibeal, she was round our house and i had luke round. Sibeal would not leave us alone. She would linger round us for hours, until Jai came over to pick him up. That's when she became the mosquito. I went to go and answer the door with luke, and Jai was stood there. he had his jeans, hoodie and beanie on. this was also Nadia's first time of meeting Jai. me, luke and Jai were stood around my door talking for about 20 minutes when, all of a sudden jai just said 'who are those girls?'. me and luke both turned around to see Nadia and Sibeal stood in my hallway staring at the door. well actually, staring at Jai. 'oh urm, that's Nadia my sister, and Sibeal her friend' i replied turning my back on them, to face jai again. 'hiya, im nadia' this voice said from behind me with soon a follow from Sibeal. 'oh hiya, im sibeal, and you are?' 'im jai. nice to meet you girls' 'come on bro, i need to get back now,' luke said to jai, who could not take his eyes off nadia. 'see you later carlz,' luke said pulling jai down the front garden. 'bye luke, see you tomorrow.' i said as i was closing the door but got stopped by Sibeal who shouted 'BYE JAI, SEE YOU AROUND HUNNY' and gave a wink.but it wasnt just a was so awkward i could feel myself getting all hot inside.She had said hunny, then opened her mouth, with her tongue slightly hanging out, opened her eyes really wide and winked. it was so dramatic i just scoffed and shut the door. ever since that day, Sibeal had pestered me for Jai's number, but i did not give it to her, nadia did. Jai had asked me for Nadia's number and they were texting alot, until Sibeal got awfully jealous. This caused Nadia and Sibeal to not talk for a week or so, until Nadia was introduced to Daniel, through Jai. Now, ever since 9th grade they've been going out. the only problem now, is that Sibeal doesn't know, Jai is taking Nadia to her prom, and once she finds out...i will be welcoming you all to world war 3.

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