Chapter Four "Bad News"

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No person deserves to be treated like this! I was so sad, hurt, and raged I couldn't think straight!

I sobbed some more. Every so often I wiped my tears, and kept on crying.

After I was done crying I looked around the feed room. Once I saw Arietta's feed I realized something.

"Why am I here?" I asked myself. "I will not let her get in my way anymore!" I then whiped some dry tears and opened the door.

The breeze told me it was going to storm soon so I knew I had to start riding. I walked down the hall confidently and patted Arietta's back once I got to her.

I looked around and realized Samantha was gone.

"Good ridance." I said quietly to myself. After I was done petting Arietta I went back in the tack room to find my remaining stuff. Once I exited, I started to tack her up. I first put her yellow saddle pad on and made sure it was in the right place by her withers. Then the saddle, the girth, and finally the bridle.

While she was still buckled in the crossties, I started to put my riding gear on. I zipped up my chaps, then fastened my helmet on my head.

Once I was done with that I lead her into the ring. As we passed the announcement board, I saw something new. I stopped Arietta and read the sign.

IT READ: Rose Garden Stables Hunter Show! Open to Ages 10 and up! Sign up now! On August 4th. It was about a month before the show!

I noticed Samantha's name was already signed up. I just couldn't resist. I had to enter. I wanted to show her that she can't say 'Shut up' to me. I quickly scribbled my name on the sign up sheet and went into the ring.

Once I was in the middle of the ring, I saw Samantha riding MY COURSE! I was furious! As I watched her go over the jumps I started to hate her even more than I did before.

Then once she went over a vertical I set up it looked different than before. I then realized she changed them!

She made them higher, fancier, and for me, scarier. She even made some oxers about three to four feet. They were huge!

I couldn't help but critisize.

"Excuse me, but I set up this course for my needs and you changed it with out my ok. If it is possible please turn it back to normal." I yelled. She told her horse to halt by sitting down in the saddle while squeezing the reins. She then glared at me menicingly.

Then she said. "It's a free country. Also I am acually doing something important. I'm training for a show and I am sure your little workout is very unimportant. That's why I changed it. Another reason is this course made me gag, so I think I did you a favor."

I was furious! No person should be treated like that! I then worked up my courage to say.

"Don't treat me like that! Everytime I say something you have a negative response and I'm sick of it!" I let my nerves calm down a little. "I acually am in that horse show your talking about. Also my workout and what I do with my horse is none of your business." Samantha looked amazed at my comment. Probably no one has never said anything like that to her.

"Did you say something? I was to busy not caring about whatever you are going to do. I will only be in here for about fifteen minutes then the ring is yours." Samantha smirked at me and did the course a couple more times. I shook my head after each jump, because how perfect it was. If I am going to beat her I really need to step up my game.

Once she finished her course she exited the ring. She didn't even cool out her horse! What a terrible owner!

Once I tied Arietta to a post, I started setting up a more complicated course than the one I constructed before. The first jump was a two foot vertical going away. The next jump was three horse strides from the first. Which makes it a three stride line. Then there is a two foot vertical diagonal going home. After that you take a sharp turn to another vertical. Then make another right turn to the last three jumps. Which is a Gymnastic. To finish the course you gallop through the turn on the right lead.

I then untied Arietta and mounted. We walked around a couple of laps then started to trott. I made sure I was on the right diagonal and made sure my heels were down. Once we went around a couple of laps I sat the trott. Arietta slowed down a little bit and made sure I didn't bounce to much. After that we changed direction and did the same thing the other way. Once we were done with that I walked down the long wall aproaching the corner. I picked up my reins, made a slight bend, and asked for my left lead canter. The canter turned into a gallop as I nudged my heel into her side. We canter a couple of laps then rested awile. Then we warmed up on the other lead.

Once we were done warming up it was time to start the course! I did a trott jump first to warm her up, but then right after that I started the course. As I was coming towards the jump I shortened my reins and made sure everything was in order. I went into my 2-point position and we glided over the jump. The landing was perfect! We then did the three strides to the next jump. It was perfect! Arietta landed on the left lead which was correct! Usually she swaps!

We flew over the diagonal and landed on the wrong lead. I should've leaned a little more to the outside! As I made her change her lead I turned to the jump. Once we flew over that, we did the gymnastic. As I cantered through the turn I patted Arietta's neck to tell her that she did a great job.

We did it a couple more times. After we both were really tired I cooled her out and we exited the ring.

As I was untacking Arietta my mom pulled up in the drive. She walked in the barn and hugged me.

"Hello Abby!" She said cheerfully. I knew something was wrong. When ever she comes up to me all happy like that she tells me something bad. "I have some great news! You cousin Andrea is coming to live with us!"

"What?" I yelled kind of spooking Arietta.

"It's ok Abby. Andrea is going to ride with you! She might even get a horse!" My mom smiled at me warmly. I glared at her. She knows I don't like Andrea.

"Why is she living with us?" I asked.

"Well her house is under construction so she's living with us for awile. They are literally ripping the whole thing apart and rebuiling it!"

I groaned and finished untacking Arietta. Once I was done. I lead her out to her paddock. For some reason it was right next to Samantha's horses.

I said goodbye to Arietta and grabbed my helmet, grooming bucket, and my crop. I slid into the back seat to see Andrea right next to me.

"Hi" She said warmly with a fake smile.

"Hi" I replied.

The whole car ride was literally silent. All I heard was the echoing of the wind outside the car.

Once we got to my house I went up to my room thinking. Guessing what Andrea was going to do to me this time.


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