Chapter Four

If it weren't for the fact I had left the curtain of the window open, I probably would have never woken up in time for classes. Brooke had the idea I wanted to sleep in for some apparent reason.

The sun broke through the curtain and window and shined on my face, into my closed eyes. After a few minutes the heat and brightness got too unbearable, so I opened my eyes and sat up. The dorm was empty of the few people that stayed in it with me, and the air was completely still and silent.

"Oh, that's just great," I muttered, getting up out of bed. I already could tell everyone left for breakfast and I didn't want to miss classes on the first day. It would crush me. I ran a brush through my hair. Then I took off my robes and yesterday's clothes, replacing them with a new uniform and then out the robes back on. I still hadn't given George's back so but they weren't in the dorm, so I figured he came up and got them or had someone else do the job. After smoothing out my robes, I looked around and saw my bed was neatly made, even though I clearly hadn't done it myself. I never made my bed and mum would throw a fit over it. I stood there for a second or so before coming to the conclusion that it was magic and grabbed my bag. Before leaving the dorm, I gave the grandfather clock in the corner a glance and saw I had fifteen minutes to eat and get to class.

Leaving the common room, I made my way down to the Great Hall to find it filled with students and teachers walking up and down the rows of tables, handing students slips of paper. I quickly took a seat next to Fred before McGonagall came to us and handed me a slip.

"Thank you," I said politely, and smiled. She just gave me a curt nod and continued on.

"Hey Pinky! You finally decided to wake up, eh?" Fred joked, looking at me. George looked at me as well and smiled.

Turning to the food, I made myself a quick piece of toast and sighed. I was absolutely starving but had such little time to eat.

Brooke from last night came running over with a grin on her face and took the empty seat next to me.

"Hey! You're awake! I thought you'd never come down," she told me in her thick Scottish accent.

"If it weren't for the sun, I probably wouldn't be here," I joked, sipping some orange juice George had poured for me.

"I would've come to get you," Brooke said serenly, "I can't believe we have our first class with Slytherin! Charms, they just have to ruin it huh?"

"Oh, okay. And yeah I guess so. The only good thing about it is I see Jackson."

"That jerk?" Fred scoffed.

"He's my friend, Fred, and has been since we were little. What's your problem with him?" I demanded, finishing my breakfast and reading over my schedule. First I had Charms with Slytherin, Herbology with Ravenclaw, Transfiguration with Slytherin again, Defense Against the Dark Arts with Hufflepuff, and Potions with Ravenclaw.

"He's mean!" Fred said in a high voice, "he doesn't care about you."

"Coming from the boy who dared me to eat until I almost puked," I said, occupied with organizing my bag. After doing so, I inspected the teacher's table at the head of the hall and immediately saw the red-haired teacher. I glanced down at my schedule and figured he was the DADA teacher. He seemed young, too young to be teaching but I wasn't going to protest or question the staff choices here.

"Whatever," Fred mumbled as people started clearing off to class.

"We should head out to class. Charms is far from here," Brooke said. The boys and I agreed and I left my remaining breakfast. Brooke lead us to the Charms room, which we waited outside of. The Slytherins started coming and I searched for Jackson. He was engaged in a conversation with that Mary girl again.

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