Chapter XVII

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Bella woke up in the middle of the night, and shook me awake. I groaned and squinted my eyes as she sat on top of me and whispered, "baby, lets go."

"what the fuck are you talking about honey? can we just go back to sleep." I frowned. She started pulling her shirt off and shoved my face onto her breasts. It smelled like the most exquisitly wonderful garden i've ever been in. She released me and I panted for air, but still yearned to go back to my perfect oasis of a garden. "are you up now?" she asked annoyed, and I nodded slightly. "I want to get out of here baby, lets sneak away. please baby? Take me to one of those islands you promised. I cant stay here anymore." she ranted and her eyes filled up with tears.

"baby we cant, they'll hunt us down and kill us. you know that." I frowned having to tell her this. she shook her head angrily, "No, you're the best of them baby. I know I dont know much about all the fighting stuff, but I hear them talk about you. You're like a military god to them, they cant hunt us without you. please?." she sobbed into my chest and I closed my eyes thinking about my priorities in life.

"Ok, pack your stuff up." I said and kissed her forehead. She got up quickly and rushed around packing clothing, blood and any other necessity she thought we might need. I rubbed my temples and tried to think of a plan. I knew this could be and was most likely a suicide mission. But I was as good as dead anyway if she decided to leave me again if she hated being here more than she loved me. I knew she loved me anyway, and she wouldnt have left but I'd do anything to make her happy.

She had about 3 duffle bags and two large backpacks packed. She had 3 seperate coolers filled with the blood that I bought yesterday. We got dressed with whatever clothing remained in the closet and we carried the bags out quietly. We tip-toed our way out the front door and went hurriedly to the car.

I packed everything into any empty space of the car I could find. We got in and started the car. I looked in the glove compartment and found my stash of money and my gun with two extra magazines. Bella frowned, she didnt like guns. I paused and listened the hum of the engine and motioned for Bella to stay quiet. She tensed up and I squinted my eyes in concentration. I figured it out, I turned the engine off, popped the hood and got out. I went under the hood and pulled out a small square metal box. it was a GPS tracking device.

I threw it away and looked around keenly. They must have been expecting us to run. I didnt see anything yet, so I hustled back into the car and began to speed away. She held my hand and shook her leg nervously. "We're going to the airport, we're boaring a plane to the carribean. Then we're going to buy a boat and sail to an unihabited island farther sound. Yes?" I said to her and she nodded frantically. "relax Bella." I tried reassuring her.

We finally reached the airport parking lot. We parked and grabbed all of our stuff and hurried into the airport. There wasnt much traffic inside and we got to the front of the line in 10 minutes. I bought two 1 way tickets to jamaica and we checked everything in. The bill was high for all our bags but we didnt need money, where we were going.

We sat in the boarding area, waiting for the plane to open up. Bella sat on my lap and nestled her head into my neck while she pulled her legs up to her chest. I put my leather jacket over her like a blanket and let her fall asleep. I looked around us and saw only about 3 or 4 other people. I looked down at my watch and saw that it was only 3:37 in the morning, no wonder nobody was here.

Two tall and slender suits came walking over casually and sat at the farthest corner of the waiting area. They were very pale and I remembered Alex telling me that vampires were always around society so I didnt think much of it. Though I did wonder if they noticed Bella and I. My eyes began to close, but an announcment on the loud speaker made my eyes open again, and I could see the two suits staring. I looked over at them and they quickly looked away. I moved uneasily and Bella pushed at my chest with her eyes closed, wanting me to sit still, since I was her pillow right now. I kissed her forehead and then closed my eyes again.

The loud speaker came on again, letting the people in our waiting area know that the plane was officially ready to board. I woke Bella gently and helped her up as we boarded. We got our seats in the first class section and Bella quickly wrapped herself in the complimentary blanket. Everyone else who boarded the plane went into the coach seats. The only other people in first class with us were the two suits, which rang alarms in my head and I decided to let Bella take the window seat so that I would be inbetween the two suited men and her. She went right back to sleep after the plane took off, and I relaxed a bit as the two men seemed to have forgotten about us.

The plane ride was smooth, until the fire in my throat began to heat up. Bella woke up around the same time as I was feeling it and nudged my shoulder with her forehead and looked at me with a frown. "can you hang in there for another hour or so?" I asked her quietly. She shook her head and I nodded. I slipped her the small snack bags I kept in my jacket pocket and told her to go to the bathroom to drink. She slipped the bag under her shirt and walked quietly to the bathroom.

She came back and she smiled at me as she climbed onto my lap and leaned my chair back and curled up into a ball. "are we almost there baby?" she asked me and as if on que, the pilot came on the loud speaker saying to prepare for landing.

I heaved a sigh of relief once we were finally back in an airport and on land. I didnt like flying at all. We picked up all our bags and rented a van so we would have extra room for our stuff. We began to drive towards the docks and Bella got our money out and ready. "I'm surprised they havent even called to ask where we are." I said as I looked at my phone. Bella shruged her shoulders and we parked at the dock. A short man with dreadlocks longer than his arms greeted us warmly and showed us to the boats that were for sale. I let Bella pick the one she liked the most and before we knew it, we were out on the water. I didnt know much about sailing, so we got the one with the most similar controls to a car, and thank heavens Bella liked the color too.

There was a smaller boat a little farther behind us as we sailed towards the island Bella picked out on the map. The smaller boat caught up to us, and a hazing bullets whizzed passed us as I pushed Bella down to cover. "who the fuck is that!?" she screamed and laid under me. "They mustve caught up to us, go down to the quarters and get my gun." I screamed back, she nodded and crawled down the steps.

The bullets crashed against the hull of the boat, but didnt do much damage as the boat was pretty large. I peeked over the edge and saw those same suited men on the plane. I should've known that they followed us. Bella appeared behind me and handed me the gun. "Go back down there and steer the boat manually, ok?" i told her and she frowned but eventually listened and went back down stairs.

I quickly got up over the edge of the boat walls and fired back at the undercover NAc officers. I hit one of them in the shoulder, and as he fell back the other hit my own shoulder, and grazed my rib cage with another shot. I fell backwards and groaned in pain. I slid my self across to the far right corner of the boat and stodd again and began to fire at them. They must have guessed my movements because they were ready and fired back at me simultaneously. Another bulled went through the wall and lodged into my lower abdomen. I screamed in agony as I hit the deck again.

Bella came rushing up the stairs and to my side. My fangs were bared and I hissed as she pressed her hands to the open wounds, trying to stop the bleeding. She whimpered helplessly. "shush baby, stop moving." she tried soothing me while holding my hands down as I struggled to breath.

Our boat bumped and crashed into the other boat and we heard the men scream as they sunk under our much larger boat. Bella had left the accelerator on as our boat continued full speed on the beach head of our island. The sun beat down on me as Bella ripped my clothing off and tried to cover the wounds with the tattered cloth.

The blood poured out of my body, and my eyes began to close. I felt as though I had no strength left. Bella pleaded with me to stay awake, as I felt her dragging me up onto the sand. I groaned something inaudible to myself before the lights went completly out.

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