Chapter 7

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Helllo again lovely people! I'm back with another chapter! wooot, I'm writting more lately! Although I'm still very busy with a social life (boring) and writing ANOTHER larry story! YES, i know im crazy.... so I'm working on this one and i started the prologue to my 3rd one which will be posted after this is done :) IM A MULTI-TASKER OK ? Anyway, i didn't proof read this or any of that shit so hopefully it's not crap and it makes sense hehe im bad, ok LOVE U GUYS THANK YOU FOR EVERTHING, I CAN'T BELEIEVE THIS STORY GOT TO 1000 ! I EXPECTED IT TO GET TO LIKE 500 AT MOST !! 

fihsdiughsiuhgushguid ps there's a part in this chapter that makes me go nuts i love it, i crack myself up sometimes!!!! theres a video link on the side that explains hahahah 

Chapter 7

                   I watched as the ground approached. Thank god, I can’t handle another second of watching Eleanor hang off of Louis, why did she have to sit in the middle? If she really paid attention to Lou she would know that he doesn’t like PDA bullshit. He’d flirt around anyone, but he doesn’t like snogging in public, which is her favorite thing to do. I really don’t understand girls. Well, the clingy kind atleast. My thoughts were interrupted by a ladies voice over the loud speaker.

“Okay everyone, we have now landed in the Brisbane International Airport. Thank you for flying with British Airways, we hope you enjoyed your flight and will choose us again.”

                It was hot in Australia, VERY hot. I want to rip off my chinos and run naked! I would if it were just me and Louis… I glanced over at the shit disturber and noticed she was wearing close to nothing, leave it to her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was unfaithful, not gunna lie she’s very fit. Any guy would want her… especially since she’s a ‘model’ and all. I’ve watched how the boys look at her at clubs, and how she looks at them as a matter of fact. I notice everything, especially when it comes to Louis and since she’s there a lot of the time I catch on to things she does as well. I wonder if Lou noticed how she acts around other guys? Maybe he did and just doesn’t care.

“Louu-ehhh!!!!” oh great.

                   I turned around ignoring them and collected my bags. We were brought in a more private part of the airport, it kind of sucks keeping this from our fans. For all they know we are at home with the boys recording. Oh wait, how did Louis manage to pull this off? We had our days off and we are supposed to be in the studios for the next little while, recording for the second album.

“Harry, there’s a cab waiting for us out back, it’ll take us straight to the hotel.” I looked into the blue eyes that were just below mine, he’s so pretty. Nothing will ever change how beautiful he is, even if something happened to his face, I will always see it as the same angel like face that I admire so much.

                   He smiled and slid his hand around my waist; it would be perfect if Eleanor wasn’t holding onto the other side of him. You know I never liked sharing even as a kid, in daycare I once hit a little boy for trying to share dinky cars with me.

If the cab drive is as bad as the plane ride I will probably jump out and live in a ditch for the rest of my life.


I have to fucking sleep in my own bed and listen to Louis and Eleanor do whatever they do in the bed beside mine… I’d sooner be in my own room, but no that isn’t ‘bonding’.

“El, Haz, I’m going to help the bell hop. Be right back!” He shot us a quick smile and shut the door. I watched the door thinking about making a run for it, but Eleanor leaped on the bed beside me and laid down. What the fuck is she doing.

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