Beauty and the Nerd

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Chapter 5


I couldn’t get out of the office fast enough. After Anastasia had agreed to have a drink with me after work, I once again had to stop myself from bouncing off walls. Even as my insides were jumping in ecstatic joy, I kept up my cool façade in front of her.

I was out of the hospital’s double doors exactly at 9:00. I had to hurry because since it was a school night, we wouldn’t have as much time to spend together.

I broke the laws as I drove through campus back to my apartment where I took a 5 minute shower and dressed myself quickly.

“Uh… what’s going on?” Spencer asked as I ran past him while buttoning my shirt.

“Date with Anastasia. No time. Talk later.” I didn’t wait for a response; I grabbed the keys to my Grand Prix and broke more laws.

When I pulled up to the apartment that Anastasia gave me an address to, I finally breathed in. I didn’t realize how fast my heart has been beating and how close I was to having an anxiety attack.

My problems and staggered breathing all went away when I spotted her walking down the concrete stairs. She had changed into black leggings with black boots, a gray knit sweater over a white tank top and a white scarf.

My car quickly filled with the scent of strawberries right when she sat herself down on my leather seats. She always smells that sweet.

“Hi.” She said. Even from the dim lights of the streetlamps, her purple eyes shone through.

“Hi.” I replied shyly. “I’m sorry it’s so late…”

“Don’t worry, I don’t have a class till noon.” With that settled, I obeyed the laws this time as we made our way to Orbit.

There wasn’t many people there tonight, considering it was a school night, but that was completely okay with me. I was afraid that some random guy would catch her attention and she would leave me in a heartbeat.

I started to feel defeated when we right when we walked through the doors of Orbit, Anastasia already caught half the attention of the people in there. I waited for her to run off and leave boring old me but instead, she hooked her arm around mine and led us to a nearby booth.

Well, then. The inner me let out a happy little shout from her unexpected action and was silently mocking the boys who had shot a jealous look on my face.

Yes, boys, I got the pretty girl and she’s not interested. I said in my head and let out an evil laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Anastasia chuckled at me.

Oh crap, had I laughed out loud? Even worse: had I laughed EVILY out loud? Oh God, this is so embarrassing.

“Oh – uh, nothing.” I answered quickly and blushed.

A waitress came – her name tag said Sandy – and took our orders. We weren’t that hungry so we just ordered a plate of fries to share and two milkshakes.

When I had asked her out for a drink, I expected liquor but when she ordered those things for us, I was happy to know that this was something more than just a casual ‘let’s go get a drink’.

“You’re the only one who calls me by my whole name, you know.” Anastasia said once Sandy had left.

I gazed over at her. We were so close that our thighs were touching, I could smell the tangy scent of her shampoo, and could see a freckle below her left ear.

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