Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas. I smell the ham,stuffing,macaroni,turkey, & veggies. The best day of the year is finally here. It's going to be the best because Sam is here to be with me. He's my Christmas day present. I held Sam's hand and he automatically woke up.

I kissed his cheek & waited for his eyes to open. One eye slowly opened. I giggled and tried to open his eyes with my 2 fingers. He opened it on his own.

I brushed my fingers against his lips & kissed his lips.

"Goodmorning beautiful" I smiled. "Somebody treated me right last night & that was you" I winked.

He chuckled & entwined his fingers with mine. "Let's get to these gifts sweetheart".

He grabbed my hand and dragged me down the stairs to get to these presents.

My parents were already down there waiting. My mom was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed and a cup of tea. Dad sat watching t.v & just relaxing. Mom looked up at us and smiled.

I dived to the tree and grabbed the biggest present with my name on it.

I tore it open and inhaled a peach smell. I moved the tissue paper & found peach colored notebooks and just peach of wonders. Pencils & a drawing pad. Peach scent. There was a cute apron inside and it had a little chibi on the front of it. This box keeps getting better and better. But it got better when I found a picture frame with me and Sam in it when we were younger. Vintage. Adorable. I showed it to Sam and he blushed red. There's slippers, paint, cooking books, & a blanket to bring it to the end of the box of wonders.

"Mom, thanks so much" I stood up and carried her present to her. "This is from me and Sam mom" .

She took it into her arms & neatly took the bow off.

"Sorry, you know I like to do things neatly" mom said.

Dad rolled his eyes & sunk into his chair.

"Oh, Mr.Fintz of course you have a gift" Sam picked the bag up the bag from under the tree.

Dad looked up at Sam & smiled.

"Smells like soaps" Mom said. She finally got the box open and saw her gift of wonders & Dad did also.

They both praised their gifts in excitement.

"I'm going to look utterly sexy when I wear this during baseball season" dad said.

"I'm gonna smell good for my man" mom whispered

Oh god.

I gave Sam his gift. Sam unwrapped it & looked upon it in shock. I drew a portrait of us. I can tell he loves it.

I smiled & he gave me a hug. "It's perfect baby" he kissed me.

He pulled a gift out & handed it to me. "Since you love peach so much" he grinned.

Shoes. They were adorable they had a little peach on the toe of them & peach laces. The colors were like a peach & cream swirl.

"Thanks Sam so much" I held him.

"Best Christmas ever, I get to see my son all happy & my husband happy" mom said.

"One more thing" Sam said.

I stood up & looked at him. He stared deep into my eyes & got on one knee & pulled out a peach colored box. Exposing the beautiful PEACH COLORED gem stone. Wow, im peached up.

"Morgan will you marry--"

"YES YES SAM YES I WILL" I screamed like a fan girl when I cut him off.

He slid the ring on my finger & I jumped into his arms.


It's happening, it's really happening.

Marriage. Engaged. Yep


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