Aria’s P.OV.

“Hey, Zach,” I said as I walked through the front door of our house. I knew Zach was home since Mom’s car was parked in the driveway. Ever since he came here I have been borrowing his car and he would use our Mom’s car.

            Right now the skin around my eyes were all red and puffy. I had just come back from Mason’s house. I didn’t know why I was crying. He was just a guy that I had met about a week ago. I shouldn’t be falling in love with him. Wait, I wasn’t falling in love with him I just liked him a tiny bit.

            But all I could feel right now was my heart thumping in my chest where I thought everyone would be able to here me, though I knew no one could hear. I had a pain in chest since I was crying so hard but it was also felt like my heart was broken again.

            Listen to me I actually thought my heart was broken after getting broken over Josh on Saturday but now it was Mason. Though only thing that was wrong was that I kept telling myself I didn’t like Mason. Even though in the past five days I had already kissed him twice and knew I liked him in some way. I just didn’t know if I liked him as a friend or a… Boyfriend.

            “Hey, what’s wrong?” Zach asked when he saw me. We were now in the kitchen. Zach had just looked up from his laptop. He was probably doing school. That was the classic Zach.But now he had gotten up from his work and walked over to hug me.

            “Nothing,” I mumbled into his shirt as he tried to hug me. But instead of letting him I just pushed him away.

            “Is this about mom?” Zach asked.

            “NO, just leave it alone,” I yelled at Zach trying to run away and make my big escape where I would throw a tantrum. But I had the worst luck today. Of course Zach ran after me and caught me at the top of the stairs. I knew he was going to try to get it out of me sooner or later. I guess it was sooner.

            “What is wrong” Zach asked firmly making me look at him. But I didn’t. I know if I looked him in the eye it would just make me fall apart. And right now I couldn’t do that. I had other things to worry about more than teenage boys. Even that was all I was thinking about for the past few days. Not even remembering that my mother was in the hospital.

            “Just… I… I don’t …want to talk about it,” I said feeling tears try to escape from my eyes but I quickly forced them to stay and not gush out. But I couldn’t help I needed to break down and cry right now. So without even looking at Zach I burst out crying and sat down on the stairs.

            “Aria, please tell me. I need to know so I can help you. Is it the kids at school? Is it Josh? God, I knew he would be a problem someday after that huge fight you had with him Saturday night,” Zach said sitting down with me on the stairs and looking sorry for me. I then gave him a look.

            How did Zach know about Saturday night? I knew I had told Zach that we broke up when he came but I never told him the details about the break up.

            “Mom told Dad and I about Josh after you left Monday afternoon and she woke up from her nap. Now answer me is Josh bothering you, because if he is I can drive straight over to his house and beat him until he won’t move anymore,” I laughed and sobbed at the same time but when I looked at Zach I could tell he was serious he was so overprotective of me sometime.

            “He’s not bothering me, okay? And I don’t need to tell you anything. Will you please just stay out of my life.” I said now glaring at him but I could still feel tears sliding down my face. The crying and slowed a little once Zach started asking about Josh I was still crying right now.

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