Chapter 6 : Payback and Threats

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Chapter 6 : Payback and Threats

Aireal’s P.O.V.

I’m not going back to dinner. But I don’t want to go to my room either. I could just stay in the oak tree, but I’m starving and don’t really think I could live as a squirrel does. I sigh, I guess I’ll stay here a little longer; it’s only 7:45pm.

“Aireal?” I look down to see Alex looking up at me with a worried expression. “Are you okay?” He asks softly.

Just hearing him ask that brings newer tears to my eyes. “Y-Yes.” I stutter. I’m lying, but he doesn’t have to know that.

“You don’t look okay. Come down here and out of the tree.” He makes a gesture for me to climb down.

I shake my head in a negative way.

“Why? Are you scared?” He teases. I stick my tongue out at him.

“NO! I just don’t want to come down yet.” I say defensively.

He smirks evilly. “Fine, then I’m coming up to get you!” Before I can react he’s already halfway to where I am. The next second he’s sitting next to me.

“Well hello my dear,” He says with his British accent. “Fancy meeting you here.”

“Indeed it is.” I say in a mock accent.

He laughs, “That wasn’t half bad!”

I grin at him. “I know.” I say smugly.

“Oh? Someone’s getting cocky. I think I might just have to knock you off your high throne.” And with that, he pulls me over his shoulder and jumps out of the tree, landing on his feet, but then falling over and landing on top of me.

I try to catch my breath but he’s a little heavy. “Alex- get- off- me-“ I say between pants.

“Oh sorry!” He moves so his weight is shifted and he’s not crushing me anymore.

I take a deep breath. “Why would you jump out of a tree with someone on your back?!” I question him.

He just smiles down at me. “Because I wanted to.” I notice him slowly moving closer to my face. What is he doing? He’s dating Aphrodite from what I’ve seen. Oh god, she’ll hate me even more than she already does.

I snap my attention back to Alex and I see his bright green eyes staring right into mine. He’s only about two centimeters away..

“Aireal?” A voice calls. I recognize that it’s Ricky’s. Great, just the person I wanted to see, the little sarcastic voice in my head says.

“Wanna get back at him?” Alex asks quickly. I nod my head yes and his lips barely make contact with mine.

“Aireal? What the-“ Ricky is cut of when he notices Alex on top of me with his lips brushing mine.

Alex pulls back and winks at me before getting up and pulling me to my feet. I spare a glance at Ricky and I can see the hurt and disbelief all over his features. I don’t feel bad about it this time. He deserves it.

“Alex? What the hell man? I thought you were dating Aphrodite!” Ricky almost yells, coming closer to us.

“Actually, after I figured out that she had planned to do this to Aireal with you, I broke up with her. She’s a bitch. I don’t care much for bitches.” He states calmly, wrapping his arm around my waist and nudging my shoulder lightly in a “just go with my lead” kind of way.

“I bet she’d go for you, Ricky. You and her would be perfect together.” I state cheerfully, also wrapping my arms around Alex’s waist.

I have to stifle a giggle at Ricky’s shocked face. He’s just so gullible. Then again, Alex and I are great actors.

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