Love Curse

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Boring at first but then interesting at the middle ^_^ first book I'm writing <3


Dark room , no one just me alone couldn't believe what I saw ....Diaster right before my eyes left with confusion.......

Names Zoey I'm 14 years old and this is just a short story of my life . So this is how it all began.

(March.1,1964 )

I was born given away to a apotion center my mom was only 13 when she had me she was to young to keep me. I found this out when I was 11 with one of my "moms" have told me. My past was very hard and really harsh . When I was just a 1 year old I finally got adopted from a young couple and the girl was told she couldn't have kids she was only 15 and the boy was 17 . I stood with that family until I was 8 or 9 I never went to school because my "dad" was a drug addict and my "mom" will sell her body . The thing is my dad knew about my mom it's that he'd forced my mom to do it that way he'd get money for his drugs. One day my "mom" got fed up with everything she gave up and started to stand up for me and her . " I'm fed up with everything I'm not selling my body for your stupid little drugs my daughter hardly eats in this house I'm done I'm taking my daughter and leaving" she said. I couldn't take it so I was ese dropping and heard everything I started to cry and that's when my dad heard me. " go to your room now you don't want to see this" he spoke with a deep voice and angry as he had ever been. " no"I said scared. " just go no matter what happens to me promise you would get away please " my mom whispered in my ear . I didn't move 5 times he'd warned me to leave I just didn't listen . After the 6 all I saw was him pulling out a gun and just shot her right in front of my eyes . I couldn't take it just seeing her lay there bleeding , after a while of looking my dad moved closer and closer to me each second . " see what you get when you don't listen and follow the rules , so if I were you I would lisTen and go upstairs " he said while moving the gun in my face. " who am I kidding you deserve no one in your life " he said while holding the gun to his head BOOM!! in one shot he was gun . I was scared I didn't know what to do I just sat there confused I was only 8 I didn't know what to do.


A couple of weeks after I was found in the house just sitting there in shock next door neighbor found me there just visiting my house . He had called the cops I was in shock but got the whole story out of what happen .

( 1 year later ) { 9 years old }

I was finally adopted again by a 42 year old lady she had to young daughters they were twins one was Sarah she's 11 and so is Larah . When I first moved in to the new home my new "mom" greated me to the family , to tell you the truth Sarah and Larah didn't like me I could already tell probably because I'm new to the family . I was kind of curious in how the twins were like so I kind of snoop around ( being nosey ) . I found out that Larah was crushing on someboy who lived next door, and I found out Sarah was a well how do you put this ....a little" to close" to boys . I didn't really care about Sarah but for some reason I wanted to help Larah with her crush so I decided to go meet the next door neighbor . It was summer so I haven't started school yet I waited looking out my window for that next door kid to show up but didn't see Him yet , I seen some mysterious person in a hood so I decided to check if it was him .........................


" umm hey " I said playing with my fingers while looking on the floor.

No response , he just kept looking down.

" umm hello ! Didn't here me I said hey! " I then said again but with an attitude.

Still no response the boy just stood there looking at

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