To Live or Die

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Jake dropped to his knees as he heard Ani's thoughts. She'd run to Gabriel. Gabriel. She wanted him to kill her. His Ani was giving up, after everything he'd done and she was going to leave him. He was in to much pain to even be angry with her.

David looked at him. "What happened? Is Ani alright?" Luke bit his lip as they both waited for the answer.

Jake shook his head. "She found Gabriel. She has just asked him to kill her. She is giving up."

Luke looked horrified. "What? She can't give up." He looked around. "We're still to far away. Damn it Jake can't you talk to her or something?"

Jake sighed. "She is to emotionally destroyed for me to get through to her. Besides, your father already has her. We lost."

David grabbed him and ripped him to his feet. "Get up. We haven't lost until her heart stops beating or ours stop beating. We have to try."

Jake lowered his head. "What if we are too late? I...I would go crazy if I saw her lifeless body." He whispered.

"Then we won't be too late. We will save her, now hurry up. Maybe my father will grow a heart and change his mind." Luke gave a small smile.

Jake looked at him. "Alright. Let's go." They all started running.


The room was silent after her announcement. Gabriel leaned forward in his seat slightly. "Why do you wish to die?"

Ani didn't look at him. "I can't keep doing this. It's all too much." She looked up at him. "You want to kill me, you all do. I'm Lucifer's daughter, now kill me." Her head dropped back down.

Everyone started talking at once. Suddenly Gabriel silenced them. "Quiet." The room went silent as he looked at her. "Is this a trap?"

Ani shook her head. She could feel Jake getting closer. "Is your guardian waiting in hiding to harm us?" Someone asked.

Ani's voice shook. "N-no. But if you don't kill me now you'll lose your chance."

Gabriel looked at Michael. "Kill her Michael. End this pointless war." He didn’t even hesitate after she told him that.

Michael gave a sharp nod and stood. Slowly he walked over to her and drew the sword from his hip. He stood over her, sword raised, but he didn't move.

Gabriel growled, his eyes darkened slightly. "Do it Michael. End the war." The fear she felt from him grew as he glared at Michael.

Michael looked down at Ani and sighed. Slowly he sheathed his sword and hung his head. "I cannot Gabriel. She is my little brother's daughter, my niece."

Gabriel stood and his eyes turned pure white. "Then I shall do it myself." He walked over to them and grabbed Michael's sword.

Michael backed away a few feet and looked away. Gabriel raised the sword and was about to swing it when a voice filled the room. "NO!" Someone tackled him.

Ani's head snapped up as the sword clattered to the ground. She stared in shock with the rest of the Angels. Luke had pinned his father to the ground. Ani notice the pull in her head was a lot closer. She had forgotten that they were still looking for her, thinking they were to far to reach her in time.

Gabriel struggled under him. "What is the meaning of this?" He roared.

Luke quickly jumped up and ran over to Ani. He pulled her to her feet. "What were you thinking? You can't run away like that." He ignored his father.

Gabriel slowly stood, his eyes filled with anger. "What is going on?" His voice was filled with venom.

Luke turned and looked at his father. He took Ani's hand and narrowed his eyes. "I will not allow you to kill the one I love." Everyone stared at him in shock.

A chuckle came from the door. "You are so screwed Luke."

Everyone looked at David. Luke smiled. "No more than you."

David shrugged. "You have a point there." He walked over to them and looked at Ani. "How are you doing Ani?"

She looked at both of them. "Why couldn't you just let them kill me?" She whispered. She was in so much pain.

They both looked at each other and raised an eye brow. They looked back at her. "We love you." Luke said. "Duh." David added.

Gabriel was fuming. "You love this thing?" He growled.

Luke looked at him and flinched back, though before he could say anything Jake ran in. He stopped in front of Ani and quickly started to look her over. "Are you hurt?" He completely ignored the Angels. All he cared about was his Ani.

Ani shook her head. "Not physically, no."

Michael looked at Jake. He smirked. "I told you Jacob."

Jake glanced at him and shook his head. "I should have listened to you."

Gabriel stood silently fuming for a moment, watching the exchange. Suddenly he let out a scream of rage and charged Jake. He'd picked up Michael's sword again while everyone was distracted. Before anyone could stop him he shoved the sword through his heart.

Ani screamed as she felt Jake's pain shoot through her. She felt something in her mind weaken, then shatter and all the pain was gone.

The moment that pain was gone Jake dropped to the ground dead.

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