When We Met, Something Changed (A Niall Horan Love Story)

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Authors note * This is my first story, sorry if its not very good. But please comment  and tell me what you think. Also AllTimeNutella is another Author on here. Check her out. She inspired me to actually publish something. Kay  thanks* 

“You could've worn something nicer” My mom said looking at my outfit of choice

“Mommm, please stop. Its just The Boys not the bachelorette .” I replied, my outfit was a little too casual, but I wanted to be comfortable not glammed up like some caked faced doll. I wore my favorite jeans, beat up chucks, and a “cute shirt” , not really. But it was cute enough I fought my mom on it before , I slid it on whilst walking out the door.

She was looking around the room, a bit bored. We had been waiting for One Direction for about two hours now. Which seemed to annoy my mom a bit, just because there wasn't a specific time they were to show up. We could be sitting here all day. But I don't care, if I had to wait hours on end. Even if I was only to see The boys for a minute, it all be worth it. I smiled at the thought of how they might walk into the room. Would they be full of energy, or would they be tired? I really hope they weren't to worn out...

“Chancey,” My mom called me out of my day dream. “What are you smiling like an idiot about, fix your hair. They said they'll be here any minute now.” I sighed happily not even my mom could put me in a bad mood today.

“And when they say minute, I assume they mean three more hours...good thing I brought a book.” I said smiling; pulling out my phone about to read more fan-fiction.

Seconds later I let out a shrill of excitement. My favorite author, AllTimeNutella, had just updated.

My mom gave me a strange look

“Let me guess, someone tweeterd a picture of Niall shirtless.”

I stared at her blankly “Its tweeted mom, and no, well not this time round.”

“Well what is it then”

Crap, I thought. I cant let her know I read FanFics, I mean they ain't nasty but still , they ain't Rated G either.

“Um it was a picture of Zayn and Perrie” I said nervously thumbing quickly through Tumblr to find one. Yeah Tumblr, she cant tell the difference between Twitter and Tumblr so I was off the hook.

“See look, they're holding hands and everything.” I said showing her the phones screen ,“I might just make it my screen saver” I said absentmindedly.

I flipped over on my back so that my feet were against the back of the couch and my back was in a “sitting” position. I held my phone above my face, scrolling through the next chapter of “I will survive...with Louis Tomlinson?”

Things were serious at the part I was on, but there was still enough funny, to keep me biting the inside of my cheek to keep from smiling. Half way through my mom told me she was off to find a bathroom. I just mumbled an okay and she walked off. When the chapter was over I shrieked.

It couldn't be happening. No. No. No. The chapter couldn't be over.

I rolled off the couch, and laid faced down into the plush carpet that covered the floor.

I sighed. Then kicked the floor angrily. The Carpet may have been soft but the floorboard sure weren't.

I let out a yelp, sharp pain shooting into my toes. I took a deep breath trying to think happy thoughts. It didn’t help. The foot kicking hadn’t helped either. If anything it made the fact I had to wait a whole week for the chapter, a lot worse.

I got up into a crawl position to go over to the place my phone was. Some how it had made its way by the corner of the couch. I slowly and awkwardly made my way over there, fake crying as I did so. Grumbling,

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