Chapter 10

 -       Niall’s POV –

“Chelsea?” I shout. We hear her front door close and then nothing more. I run out from where I am hiding. Chelsea is nowhere to be seen.

“CHELSEA!” Zayn screams.

“Guys, check the front door!” Liam yells, panicking about what has just happened. We all run and open her front door. Two boys, one who I can see is that guy Ben are holding Chelsea and putting her in a black car’s boot.

“CHELSEA!” Harry yells. We all run down her driveway. A window from the black car goes down and a guy dressed in black is pointing a gun at us. We all dodge behind a palm tree in Chelsea’s front garden. We see a bullet fly pass and hit a palm tree behind us. Oh my god, he actually tried to shoot us. We hear a car engine turn on and the sound of a car driving away. I look behind me and Zayn has passed out with sweat covering him. Oh my god.

“LOUIS!” I yell seeing Louis driving up Chelsea’s driveway.

-       Louis’ POV –

“Guys? What are you doing out here?”

“I-it was B-ben and J-jack. They K-kidnapped her!” Harry said in a scared voice.

“What! Chelsea has been kidnapped?!” I scream.

“Um, yeah, she told us to hide, trying to protect us, we went outside and saw her unconscious body being put into the boot of a black car. Liam says.

“THEN A GUY TRIED TO SHOOT US! SEE?” Niall butts in, pointing to a palm tree behind him. Oh my god, there was a bullet mark there.

“Then what are we waiting for! Get in my car! We are going to save Chelsea!” I put the flowers I had bought for Chelsea in the back of my cars boot, hop into the driving seat, followed by all the other boys jumping into the back seat with Liam in the passenger’s.

“GO LOUIS, GO!” Liam shouts. I start the engine and just before I start driving, I turn around and see Zayn still unconscious. No one kidnaps my girlfriend, or makes my best friend pass out and gets away with it. I am determined, determined to kill these people in black. Especially Ben and Jack.

 -       Jack’s POV –

Yes! We had got her! Finally! Now we can take her and change her!

“What does this thing do again Ben?”

“Oh, well, when we put Chelsea in it, we can change her mind so she can work for us, while also dumping Louis and hating all of One Direction. Anything we didn’t like what Chelsea did, we can change!” Ben says with a smirk. He was basically the leader of the gang. Chelsea your life is about to be ruined!

 -       Chelsea’s POV –

I’m suddenly awakened by the screeching of a car. What the hell was that?

“Hello?” I can’t talk properly. I have a piece of black cloth around my mouth. Someone turns around hearing my attempt.

“Oh great! She’s awake guys!” Someone I didn’t know said. I hear the boot open; the screech must have been the car stopping.

“Now Chelsea, we are just going to do some…. tests on you.” Ben says.

“MMMMMMM MMMMMMM.” I attempt to say ‘let me go’.

“Ah, now Chelsea, no need for that kind of language.” Jack says, then he and Ben start laughing. I reach across and slap them both in their faces. I get two slaps back from each of them.

“Idiot, don’t try slapping us, because we can make your life terrible. Oh wait, weren’t we already going to do that?” Ben says. Jack and Ben both burst out laughing again. I hate them so much. I am led into Ben’s garage. As they shut the garage door, I can see Louis’ car pull up outside. He is driving, with all the boys with him. Save me Louis, please!

 It was easy to say I was a depressed girl; there was no point in life anymore. I’d lost my parents, my family. I’d probably lost the love of my life. No one I loved was there for me. I mean there were the four boys, but being around them would remind me of Louis too much. I want to die.

 “Now Chelsea, just sit down in this chair.” Ben asks with a smirk and Jack looking too eager. I obey quietly; just get this over with will you!

“Now I’ll just put this on your head.” Jack said. It was a helmet with all these cords coming out of it. The loud bangs on the garage door started.

“LET US IN YOU MURDERER!” I hear Louis scream.

“YEAH! YOU KIDNAPPER!” Harry yells.

“HARRY IT’S A GIRLNAPPER NOT A KIDNAPPER! SHE ISN’T A KID!” Oh Niall. In my head I can see myself rolling my eyes at him if we were somewhere else.

“LET US IN OR YOU’LL PAY!” Liam yells.

“3,2,1!” Zayn counts down and all the boys run up one last time and run into the garage.

“WE MADE IT AND ARE ALIVE!” Niall yells.

“Click the button Jack!” Ben yells.

“NO!!!!” Louis screams. I did nothing to stop them pressing the button, I wanted to die anyway. I was going to die wasn’t I? I see Jack press the red button on the remote. I look at Louis and give him a sorry look. I give him one last wave and then everything goes black.

-       Louis’ POV –

“NOOOO!” I say.

“Liam now!” Harry screams. Everything turns off. Liam must’ve found the power switch.

“NOOOO!” Ben and Jack yell. Chelsea stirs.

“Where am I?” She asks.

“Chelsea!” I yell while running over and giving her a hug.

“Who are you? What do you want?” I’m speechless, she doesn’t remember me? I turn around.

“Yes! Her memory is gone!” Jack yelled with joy.

“What did you do to her?!” I snarl.

“Well, we were going to, you know, change her brain by wiping all of her memory and then reforming it the way we wanted to. So she has already gone through the brain wiping stage.” They laugh and as they walk off.

“Harry? Liam? Zayn? Niall?” Chelsea says. Jack and Ben fall on the floor laughing.

“She must have only gone through part of the memory wiping.

“Why doesn’t she remember me?” I say while my eyes fill with tears.

“Louis, she must only remember the people she was with last.” Liam says slowly and carefully.

“W-what?” The tears are coming. I put my hand through my hair. “Chelse? Do you remember me?”


“It’s okay Louis, it’s okay.” Harry comforts me.

“Chelsea! I’m your boyfriend!” I shout out of anger and feeling stupid that I didn’t visit Chelsea.

“Y-you still call me that Louis?” Chelsea asks quietly while tears start pouring down her face.


“LOUIS!” As Chelsea attempts to run up to me she collapses on the floor. “Oh god. I feel really sick.” She says weakly.

“Your superman is here!” I scream. I pick her up bridal style and take her to my car. “Boys hop in! We’re going back to Chelsea’s!” I look at Chelsea, she is already fast asleep. She is so beautiful when she’s asleep.

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